Are You Addicted - Chapter 90-91 : Excerpt [Bed Scene]

"Why are you here?"

Bai Luoyin was preparing to go to bed when Gu Hai pushed through the door. He couldn't help to ask him.

Gu Hai replied while shutting the door, "I'm here to sleep!"

"You have all the rooms in the world in your place, why do you have to sleep in this room? Haven't I told you before? Avoid making physical contact with me. Are you aware that it can be transmitted through sweat as well?"

"What else can it be transmitted through?" Gu Hai asked as he removed his clothes.

Bai Luoyin felt that Gu Hai had completely disregarded his concerns, knowing further words were useless. So he simply got off the bed, planning to find another room to sleep.

Yet, before his feet stood firm on the ground, Gu Hai threw him back onto the bed.

"I recall that it can be transmitted through saliva as well, doesn't it?"

With that, Gu Hai flung onto Bai Luoyin and pinned his body down.

Warning mature content containing explicit graphic materials, read at your own risk.

The bath robe began to unravel. Gu Hai's leg touched Bai Luoyin's skin as their body heat start to fuse at this instant. Gu Hai's eyes were suffocated with a sinister red shade. His teeth nibbled at Bai Luoyin's thin lips. He could feel his resistance and uneasiness as well as the fear from his heart. Gu Hai moved his lips to Bai Luoyin's ear.

Bai Luoyin's ears were soft. Those born with a soft ear usually couldn't resist to be coaxed.*

"Yinzi. Don't be afraid. Nothing will happen to you. Even if something were to happen, I will go with you."

Gu Hai's voice was not harsh, yet it had a strong remedy to nourish the heart and calm the soul.

Bai Luoyin diverted his attention to Gu Hai's face which was just a breath away.

Gu Hai stroke Bai Luoyin's cheek with much tender and uttered softly, "Don't be afraid! I'm with you!"

Bai Luoyin clenched onto Gu Hai's hand, "I'm fine. Don't do it. You don't have to risk for me."

What risk would I take? I'm only taking advantage of this opportunity. Where on earth would I be able to find another one like this? I can take full advantage of this in the disguise of a selfless ploy......

"It seemed sexual contact is also another way of Hepatitis B transmission."

"No way!" Bai Luoyin pushed Gu Hai aside, "Never! Stop your imagination!"

"I am very conscious and I know what I am doing."

Gu Hai clamped down both of Bai Luoyin's hands as he pressed his whole body weight onto him. There is only one notion chanting in his head, "as long as you dare...... as long as you dare...... as long as you dare......" He could no longer wait. He was yearning for this. All he had in his mind right now was the fair bare skin and nothing else. He could vividly remember Bai Luoyin was wearing nothing underneath the bath robe. Not even a piece of boxer. A desire to bond with his body and becoming one was almost bombarding his entire head.

Bai Luoyin's hand dug into Gu Hai's flesh. A sense of despair and earning escape was mingling inside him, which tugged at all of his sensual nerves. Gu Hai hitched on the spot. Bai Luoyin was as though waiting for the punishment to befall on him. He was anxious and terrified,  on the verge of breaking down. Yet inevitably wishing for this moment to arrive faster.

Perhaps, waiting was even more tormenting than receiving.

Gu Hai's tongue touched Bai Louyin's earlobe. He probed, teased and naughtily drew circles around it, before finally sucked at it gently. His tongue grinding and ravaging.

Bai Luoyin kicked hard onto Gu Hai's thigh. He couldn't find other words to say except for "No". This is the first time he had been toyed by a man in such demeanour. Humiliation, torture and unwilling...... all these unpleasant thoughts rushed to his mind. However he was unable to resist. Gu Hai's tongue was too burning warm that he resented himself for being so weak. At this time and moment, he had shamelessly yearned for the comfort of this man.

"Yinzi, I can't hold back any longer..." Gu Hai's hot breath blew against the skin on Bai Luoyin's neck.

Bai Luoyin's voice quivered, "Don't make me do it."

Gu Hai unstrapped Bai Luoyin's bath robe. He pressed his rough thumbs onto the two pink cherries, and start kneading with inexorable force as he rubbed against himself between his legs.


A broken moan escaped Bai Luoyin's mouth. His heart felt as though it was being electrified as the wave of pleasure hitched his throat. He felt humiliated. To him, this part was a sensitive spot for women so he had been neglecting them. Therefore, when Gu Hai's hand touched and fiddled them with much absurdity, he had no resistance against this foreign pleasure at all.

Chapter 91

The bath robe was sprawled onto the bed. The bed cover had long been missing from the wild kicking. Gu Hai was as though a wild lion unleashed from the jungle, roaring to pounce onto its favourite prey. His breath had long been pacing like god knows what. His member below was burning like a piece of seared iron. It was pulsing with vitality.

Gu Hai's hand slide slowly down Bai Luoyin's abdomen.

Bai Luoyin grasped his hands, his ruthless demanding voice left no room for negotiation.


He could never tolerate himself to be touched by another on that part. Especially since it was the hand of a man. If he were to stop at this moment, both of them could settle themselves separately under the bed cover. Bai Luoyin could manage to tolerate that reluctantly. However if he were to allow another to help him release, Bai Luoyin could never imagine what it would be, nor could he dare to imagine it.

Gu Hai panted heavily, "Why not? I want to touch you. I especially wanted to make you."

"Let's call it a day." The veins on Bai Luoyin's arm burst as he clenched onto Gu Hai.

Gu Hai attached his naked body close to Bai Luoyin's. His boiling cheek rested onto Bai Luoyin's as he embraced him tightly, making sure that he was able to fully experience the passion and explosiveness from the roused item below. Sensing the level of resistance not subsiding, Gu Hai took a gentle bite onto Bai Luoyin's shoulder. He nudged them over and over again with his teeth, as if sending off a certain emotion.

"Gu Hai, I can't....."

"Stop talking." Gu Hai's breath heaved with Bai Luoyin's pulse. He started with landing a kiss on Bai Luoyin's forehead, and slowly move down to his eyes, nose, chin and collarbone......

Sensing Bai Loyin's arm were beginning to relax, Gu Hai's hand slide up Bai Luoyin's leg.

The hard contact startled him.

Bai Luoyin hitched his breath. The contact from these foreign hands roused the hairs all over his body. Numerous sensual nerves started expanding indefinitely. He gurned his face to tug at Gu Hai's hand only to lose half of its strength in Gu Hai's kiss.

Gu Hai hand started pumping with skill, changing tactics to please this baby. The level of enjoyment from this would directly be related to its owner's attitude in the future. A few month back, he was someone who couldn't be bothered to look at any handsome guy. Little did he know that today, he would be enveloping his hands around a man's member, growing excited as he watch it grow bigger under his hands.

It was as hot as a piece of searing iron. The wrinkles on top were flattened from the gradual pumping. Bai Luoyin's neck began to resist as his breath became disorganised. Gu Hai began rubbing against the glans with his hands for some time. Bai Luoyin's body jerked violently as his muffled broken breath sounded exceptionally lewd under the bed cover.

Gu Hai crouched down and pressed his chest against Bai Luoyin's. The huge item beneath crashed against Bai Luoyin's under the bed cover. The friction ignited a raging flame. Ga Hai grabbed both members together as the instant heat melted the both of them. Gu Hai's heavy breath sounded like thunder as it exploded beside Bai Luoyin's ear.

At this exact moment, every worry and concern vanished completely. All that remained were lust, pleasure, emotions and addiction......

"Take your hands off." Bai Luoyin squeezed these words between his clenched teeth.

No way! Gu Hai straightened his neck. I have waited so many day and fantasized so many times just to see what kind of lewd expression you would make. Yet you want to settle this in secret?

Not only did Gu Hai refused to remove his hands, he quickened his action on his hand and crouched down to gnaw at Bai Luoyin's chest.

Bai Luoyin had been in abstinence from lust for a long time. How would he be able to tolerate such pleasure. He clenched his teeth tight, almost unable to utter a single thing. His hands pulled at Gu Hai's hair as he body gave a violent jerk. A milky substance spurted onto Gu Hai's hands. Gu Hai had not stopped his hands yet, as he continued to excite him at a high frequency. Bai Luoyin groaned as he continued to shoot a few more loads before completely falling limp.

Upon seeing Bai Luoyin's lewd face during the orgasm, Gu Hai's excitement was beyond words. He quickly jerked himself and reached orgasm within minutes as he spurted while cursing.

After that had been done, Gu Hai smiled as he rested beside Bai Luoyin. He praised as he gaze at Bai Luoyin's sweaty face, "Little Yinzi, you were so sexy earlier, so mesmerizing, so lewd......"

Bai Luoyin's fist landed onto Gu Hai's cheekbone, sending him inches away as he almost fell off the bed.

In spite of this, Gu Hai snuggled back as he embraced Bai Luoyin tightly, refusing to let go.

Bai Luoyin's breath gradually quietened, unbearable to look back into the "past".

Yet Gu Hai refused to give way as he questioned nonstop.

"Yinzi, did it feel good earlier?"

"Yinzi, which part when I touched pleased you the most?"

"Yinzi, the sound you groaned when you were shooting is so pleasing to the ear."


Bai Luoyin detested the most with those that would still talk dirty after masturbating, yet Gu Hai enjoyed that. To him, forcing someone like Bai Luoyin to share his thoughts after the earlier activity would be a wonderful and thrilling thing.


"If you are gonna continue that dirty talk, I'm going to throw you out from the window, you believe me?" Bai Luoyin interrupted Gu Hai's words.

Gu Hai curved his lips, "This is not what I want to talk with you."

"Then what do you want to talk about?"

Gu Hai scooted closer.

Bai Luoyin nudged him with his arm, "Say it from there."

"There's no feel if I talk from here." Gu Hai pulled Bai Luoyin into his arms and embraced him. His voice was tender and sincere, "I will care for you dearly."

Under the silent night, Bai Luoyin's heart was quivering lightly as he listened to the words beside his ear.

"I will care for you dearly, together with all the love you have lost in the past ten years."

That night, Bai Luoyin fell sound asleep with those words rested in his mind.

Having a soft ear is a Chinese way of interpreting being gullible.
It's a sensual chapter, that's why this translation, and also because there are snips in the BTS.

Bai Luoyin's hand dug into Gu Hai's flesh. A sense of despair and earning escape was mingling inside him, which tugged at all of his sensual nerves. Gu Hai hitched on the spot. Bai Luoyin was as though waiting for the punishment to befall on him. He was anxious and terrified, on the verge of breaking down.

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