World of Drew (Part 1)

By: Drew

Greetings! I started reading stories from this site a few weeks ago.
Since I enjoy reading stories from this blog, I decided to share some of mine too.
I'll use Drew as my name...

I'll start the story a few years back. I grew up knowing I'm gay. It was hard growing up like this, I think everyone can attest to that. Back then, I tried so hard not to let anyone mock me for who I am and I also tried so hard to keep it as my darkest secret.
Well my first experience is with one of my older cousin, his name is Ronnie.
I grow up with my extended family residing near our place, like my 2nd relatives.
The story started one morning when I was playing with my cousins. My mom told me that she'll just go to the market to buy food for lunch and probably dinner too. I was left with my little sister and our cousins. My sister told me that she and our girl cousins would just play at one of our cousin's house. So the one left playing with me are two of my closest cousins. We were playing for a few minutes when Ronnie arrived. He said "what are you doing? let's watch Ultraman", we were super excited so everyone agreed. Ronnie asked me if he can close the window and turn off the lights, which I agreed to. Lying beside me while watching are the other two cousins I mentioned earlier and Ronnie was sitting close to us. Not too long our cousins doze off leaving me and Ronnie watching the TV show. I just noticed him staring at me awkwardly. I asked, "what is it Ronnie?"
and he responded "would you like to see something big?" at first I didn't get it. He suddenly showed his hard young dick at me. Surprised, I didn't know what to do. I sat down and look at my other two cousins, which are still sleeping. I asked "Ronnie what is that?" he responded "Ultraman". I felt this unusual feeling of excitement when he said that. Ronnie by the way is a tall, slim and dark skinned. He has this beautiful curled hairs and long lashes that complement his eyes. He was at his teens that time, so he has body hairs but they are not yet full. But as I remember he has this fine hairs on his belly button down to his crouch. Going back, Ronnie said if I want to touch his Ultraman and I said yes. At first i held on it without knowing what to do. He said just play with its head and while I was doing it, I heard him moan. We noticed that the show finished and we decide to cut it of for the meantime.

Everything went a usually after that incident. I went to school in the morning and play with my cousins in the afternoon after doing my homework and my mandatory nap. It was Friday afternoon, a day before the TV marathon day. I was playing with my other cousins in their house when Ronnie went up to join us. He was sweating that time because he played basketball with his friends. He removed his Jersey and wiped it on his chest and back. Seeing this I, was then again mesmerized at his beautiful faces and now half naked sweating body. He smiled at me when he noticed that I was staring at him. He then called me, "Drew! what's up?" and my other cousins responded that we are just playing text. Not long enough, my aunt called her two sons for them to take a bath down stairs. Ronnie and I was left at the room. He then turned on the TV and we watched Voltes5. While we are at the middle of the cartoons Ronnie whispered softly, as if he was seducing me, " Drew do you want to see it again?". Since I know what he is referring to I just nodded and then he closed the room's door immediately and he pointed me to sat behind it. He pumped up the TV volume and then he pulled down his short and undies. He said "Drew, look at it, it got bigger right?" I smiled and grab it again. He now instructed me to stroke it up and down which I did and I noticed that it got even bigger. He was enjoying every stroke and told me to squeeze it tighter.
Drew!!! damn this is great he said.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! he moaned
Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! it feels good fucking you hand Drew! Damn you...
oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! come on tighter!!!
We did it for a few minutes and then he told me to wait a sec, which I found annoying that time since I'm enjoying myself too. He went out of the room and came back in less than a minute. "Drew! they are still taking their bath and probably will be sent off to take a nap down stairs", he said that while completely removing his short and undies. He then locked the door and went straight beside me, I was sitting at the bed that time. He said that he wanted more of what I did to him and i said sure Ronnie. So he lay himself at the bed with his knees bend at the edge. He was so hot and he raised his hands and put it under his nape. I started stroking his dick again.
ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... More!!!
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... that's it... come on!!!
ahhhahhahhhahahahahahah!!! tighter!!!
He kept on moaning and I noticed something on top of his dick. I asked him what was that and he told me to lick it for me to know. I disagree but he insisted that it is ok. I hesitated but got so into him that I was obeying his commands. I licked the tip of his cock and he moaned louder and lifted his butt up. It was awkward for me but the precum was sweet and it pump up the heat I felt that time. He said for me to lick the head of his cock and imagine I'm doing a lollipop. I did what he told me and I smelled his scent, it was manly but not too strong and I like it so much. I found myself licking and playing withthe head of his cock. He told me to suck it and it made him moan and he kept on telling me that he will fuck my mouth.
You bitch!!! come take my cock!!!
it's all yours!!! Suck it you whore!!!
come on suck it bitch!!!
He was so into it that he stood up and thrust it in my mouth as if fucking a hole. He kept on moaning which I really like and it made me want to do it more.
Ronnie said that he is almost there and in just a few thrust he moaned louder and then cum at my mouth. I was my first time to smell it and taste it so I throw up his cum. He said that it I was good and he kissed me in the forehead telling me that he wants to do it tomorrow and everyday if we can, which by the way I agreed. We did it everytime we can in every position we you can imagine. But everytime he cums on my mouth I threw it up because it's a lot to be swallowed.

Ronnie fucks my mouth everytime he wants it. It's our little game we played when we are alone. I though it was just between him and me. One day he called me and told me that his mom and dad are out to visit a relative and that he is alone with his brother at home. Knowing what he wanted, I went immediately to their house. The door was not lock so I came in and saw him naked jerking his cock. He gave me a devilish smile when he saw me and pointed his eyes at his cock, by the way it got bigger and Ronnie's body got bigger too. I asked where is his brother Ronald and he mentioned that he is sleeping. So I rush to his side suck his cock as if it was my first time sucking it. Damn I love his body, its warm and it's firm. Ronnie is so sexy and hot! He told me to strip off my clothes, which I did, and went back sucking his huge cock. We didn't notice that Ronald was there watching us. Ronald called Ronnie and asked what are we doing? I froze hearing his voice. But Ronnie told Ronald that I wanted to suck him and that if Ronald wants I can suck him too. Ronald went to where Ronnie and I were seated. Ronald removed his shorts and undies. Ronnie on the other hand started jerking his cock and moaned louder seducing his brother and me. Ronnie told me that it was ok and that I focus now at his brother. Ronald stood up in front of me facing his hard cock, and if I remember it correctly it was about 4" that time and Ronnie's was probably 5" but Ronnie's cock is thicker since Ronald is slimmer. I started sucking Ronald and he moaned softer than his brother. He is softer compared to Ronnie. Ronald said it was his first time to be sucked and it really felt good. While I am sucking him, Ronnie also stood up and the two of them were standing beside each other. Ronnie asked Ronald, "it's good right, come on let him suck you". Ronald just nodded and held my head and thrust his cock deeper. Ronald cummed a few minutes and sat beside me, while I was throwing up his load, Ronnie positioned his cock in front of me and cummed. We were so exhausted a they told me to sleep with them on their room. We were all naked when we slept. In the middle of my sleep I felt someone rubbing his body against mine, it was Ronnie and he was thrusting his cock against mine. He said he got jealous seeing me suck his brother and he asked who I liked more, I told him I like him more. Hi smiled and continued with what he was doing and then he cummed again at my tummy. He said that he want me to do this with him more, which i agreed to.

The three of us did it whenever we got the chance. I'm always the princess when the three of us are playing. Sometimes it is with both of them or just one of them. We enjoyed it and that time sucking them is one of my daily game. Until...

I'll just cut it here for now. hoping for you feedback guys! Welcome to the World of Drew!

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