Basketball and Straight Guys (Part 3)

By: Dexter

The awkward silent staring went on for a few seconds, again, then I decided that it is time for the neck. I stood up and bent to go kiss his neck as I pushed him back for him to lean back to the couch. My hand got its way to his right nipple and toyed with it as my lips and tongue filled his neck and shoulders with my mouth juice. I felt no resistance and felt his heavy breathing on my ear and face. I went further up, and started to kiss his chin. Now I put my right hand behind his head as I prepare for the what boys like me really want to do with the boys they really like (lust for...). I held my head back a little to look at him with his eyes closed and waited for them to open. When they did, I smiled... and I knew that that was my cue... I slowly moved my lips to his, trying to feel for any resistance,
looking at his expression through his eyes... Our lips touched lightly, and I knew they were destined to do more than that.
[From Part 2]

I held my head back and looked at him. His eyes were tightly shut. I badly wanted to look him in the eyes before I give him a full kiss. I whispered, "Pao... Pao..." He slowly opened his eyes as to check if indeed I was talking to him. I whispered again, "Is it ok?"
He did not respond, but he just stared back. I really didn't get the staring marathons but he must be liking it a lot. Nevertheless, I decided to dive in again but gently still looking into his eyes. I dove in starting with his upper lip biting it gently with my own lips. It was soft and warm and I can feel some baby hair moustache. "Growing Kid" I thought. He wasn't kissing back. It seems he was letting me just do

what I wanted. So I let out my tongue, and licked his lips in a somewhat awkward way (but I didn't care), knocking on those lips
which seem to still be locking me out from his mouth. I tried inserting my tongue through his lips but his wer like firm in their no entry policy.
I though "what the hell?" and so thought that this guy has never experienced a passionate kiss at all...

Then, I remembered he liked me playing with his nipples so I went for his boobies and pinched and toyed with his nipple. He let out a slightly audible moan and gave me time to smell that sweaty boy's breath. Finally my tongue has entered his holy temple, my saliva mixing with his. He continued to open his mouth, but not kissing back. I thought this guy needs a kissing tutorial! His mouth remained open, and his eyes tightly shut. With that view of him, I swear I was going to put my throbbing weenie into that hot hole. I am guessing he is just giving me freedom. Also, I noticed that his previous hard on was getting soft again. He must not be enjoying the kiss part of my entertainment. So I whispered, "Pao... Paolo..." He opened his eyes, squinting as if he just woke up with sunlight directly on his face. when I thought I got his attention, I whispered, "What now, did I win?"

Paolo smiled. That killer smile that always made my day. Again we looked at each other smiling. I was still on top of him nearly sitting on his lap. He has not spoken a word still. He looked around, maybe checking on the environment. No sign so far of the household help. "Dude, Manang might come check us out mga around lunchtime for our food." He finally spoke, pertaining to their household help. "Ok lang ba if we do it in my room, and siguro let me take a shower first." "Fuck!", I thought in my mind. "He is giving me hus fucking permission to suck him on! I finally get to see his penis hard, close up and HD!" And this was running in my mind as we both stood up form our me-on-top position on the sofa. He fully removed his tank top to expose his full sweaty smooth and saliva-coated torso. I also removed mine to show him my much better sculpted body, thinking maybe I can make him gay. Hahaha.

I was surprised when he started to talk. "Tang-ina pare, kung di kita kilala, I would think I was being raped! Nilapa mo nipples ko." We both laughed, "Dude, I was deprived of male meat! Plus, tang-ina dude, with a guy like you, I can be permanently gay. Hahaha, just kidding." "Tang-ina," he said again. "Feeling ko my nips were going to bleed, hahaha, pero it felt weird but really good." I blurted out with a laugh as well, "Yeah I noticed... Were you suppressing your moans? hahaha." "Yes, haha, I wanted to shout a lot of 'fuck' but Manang might hear them, magsumbong pa yun sa parents ko... Ba't nga ba sarap na sarap ka sa nipples ko?" Weirdly he asked. "Pare, don't you watch porn? It is part
of a passionate foreplay. Those round things are everyone's sensitive spot. They don't really taste like anything but the thought of fucking with it flares up your body." I explained... "Would you like to try it?" I teased. "No thanks pare. Haha. Plus your pecs are kinda flat, nothing much to suck." He replied jokingly. "My dick and my balls are not. Hahahaha." I answered."Pucha, ang usapan, you do do the sucking!" We both laughed again.

We entered his room and closed the door shut. We stood in his room half naked and drenched in sweat not knowing how to resume. "O paano na?" He asked. "Pare, you stand against the wall here..." me pointing at the wall beside his bed, "then I can sit down on the bed. Dont' bother to take a shower." He agreed and stood there, against the white wall. "Ano pa gawin ko?" He said impatiently. "Just relax dude, I will do the work." I re-assured. At that point, I was already sitting on the side of his bed, my head directly in fornt of his waist, and his belly button staring directly at me. I looked up at him and said "Game?". He nodded affirmatively. I reached for the top of his basketball shorts and gently pulled them down. It was a nice view slowly seeing those young curly hair growing sparsely on his pubes. Then I continued then saw the root of his now soft penis. I got excited that my own cried for freedom underneath my shorts. I looked up at him and saw that he was looking also down at me, checking out what I was doing. He smiled. "I guess I have some more work to do," I said, pertaining to his weenie cutely hanging from his pubes. It was small, like a baby penis, I don't know maybe around 3 inches? But it was cute anyway, smooth and light as expected, and the head has attractive. I don't know what the hell was an attractive penis, but this one I am about to put into my mouth sure looks like a celebrity.

I licked the head of his penis first lightly then vigorously. I lifted his flaccid penis with my right hand so that the head was staring right to my mouth. I blew some air into it and slowly slid it into my mouth. This is my first taste, it better be damn good. That first entry into my hole, made Paolo moan and say "Fuck!" loudly. I looked up at him and his eyes are now shut, and his hands are once again behind his head. His body continues to sweat despite the air condition in his room. While my tongue played with the head, my hand is already stroking the shaft of his penis. His weenie is now reacting and twitching with enjoyment. His body sometimes twitched too and I can see some big sweat drops dripping down his pubes already. After some minutes, I got to bring his raging hard on back. It was longer than I expected, and meatier I must say. The head was visibly red and definitely enraged! The smell of boy in puberty is really getting into me, I swear I could have nearly released my own juice that time. One lick of the head I thought I tasted some pre-cum already, not that I knew what it really tasted like. I thought that before I get him to cum,
I need to get to his balls...

And so I did, I lifted his shaft using my right hand, and started licking the already sweat-drenched balls. I also got to taste his groin area, what we call "singit" I guess, and the smell seemed to have intensified. I alternated lick and kiss down there alternately and vigorously and jusging by the moans Paolo has been letting out, it seemed he was enjoying it a whole lot!

I then felt my own penis uncomfortably trapped in my basketball shorts twitch a lot more frequently, so I decided to stand up and pull down my own. I took the opportunity to be face-to-face with him once again. I grabbed his hands from behind his neck nad head, and pulled them outwards and upwards. It was like I crucified him right there on his own bedroom wall. I felt his cock touching my legs, and mine uching his pubes. With hormones raging in me I rubbed my body on his, now our sweat mixed and dripped down heavily. Our cocks rubbed with friction as well, but it was a bit painful but nevertheless super arousing. I whispered "Pao..." and he opened his eyes. I said nothing more, and we stared again at each other while rubbing bodies. No need for any lube! The sensation was so overwheliming and now he's rubbing his own body back against mine. I thought it was about time I get a reciprocation. I tried kissing him on the lips again but this time we endied with just a lock of to poting lips, which was enough I guess. So I moved down to his neck again kissing every sweaty inch I can get, then down to the skin beside his pits, to smell the pheromones from them. I released him from crucified position as I went further down to his nipples again. I can already taste sweat coming into my mouth
but I did not care.

I went back to face the wrath of Paolo's cock. I started putting again the head into my mouth, and then tried putting the whole fucking thing inside my hold. I felt my throat complain and slid it back out. I continued sucking the head while giving a shaft hand job. Paolo is moaning very loudly now, that it seemed he did not anymore care if their household help can hear him. I then felt hi hand grab my hair and head, now forcing me to suck blow him agressively, which I did. There were moment when he forced me to eat the whole thing, and I just had to fight him this time. Vigorous sucking and blowing continued until he pushed me down as if now he is in command. I fell down the bed and saw him bending down stroking himself vigorously. He then went up the bed and knelt, my body in between his knees and thighs. Then a large volume of hot semen squirted on my tummy, my ches, my neck, and some even on my face. "Fuck, men, fuck talaga!!! Fuck..." he shouted. I remained silent staring at his act, enjoying this moment that I may never see again... He was breathing heavily as he continued to stroke his cock gently after releasing that load he was keeping...

I scooped a little of his cum from my chest and tried tasting it. Ewayuck! It tasted horrible. He smiled at me lightly. "Pare, kadiri ka. You're not supposed to taste that!" I laughed with him... "Ano na, shower together?" "Is there going to be a part 2 in there?" I teased. He gave a big smile and said, "Sige, if we get cleaned up, I will try
nipple sucking..."

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