Polo Barong sa FX (Part 1)


I got into the FX at around 12 midnight. Fortuitously, I was the last passenger, no need to wait for the FX to fill up. Good, I was so tired from an overtime work and I hadn’t had dinner yet. I looked forward to the comfort of luxuriously relaxing on my bed, then falling asleep fitfully until the following day. The back end of the FX was cramped, but it was ok. I would rather sit there than at the middle, I didn’t want to be squeezed like a sardine. I sat comfortably, but the only way I could do that was to insert my legs between the legs of the passenger in front of me. Well, what the hey, I wanted to get some nap all throughout the trip and I guessed the other passenger; a him, wouldn’t mind at all. So, subtly, I worked it out. His right leg, then my left leg, his left leg, finally my right leg...his left leg (thigh for that matter) is between my legs now. I was not in the mood to flirt, I was never in the mood to flirt for that matter because I didn’t know how. I would rather find a text mate, or go online and find a chat mate. Probably because I was conservative, or just I didn’t want to make the first move, or deeper still, I was afraid to be rejected. And why would I flirt? Where would it lead? I didn’t want to get into a situation I wouldn’t be able to handle; ha ha, it was short of saying, I didn’t want a relationship just yet!

All throughout the ride, I could not sleep. It was 12 mn, there was no one to text, so I simply indulged myself in my usual pre-occupation during long trips; study my fellow passengers. I looked at my right, this one was too old, the other guy in my front is so fat. Finally, my eyes rested on the guy in front of me, the guy who I has criss crossed my legs, whose thigh was sandwiched with mine.

Oh my, wasn’t he cute? I wondered why I wasn’t able to notice him right away...maybe because the FX was dark, or maybe because I was too pre-occupied to get a doze and sleep. Nevertheless, he was cute so I gave him my full undivided attention. He looked tall, because our legs meet, unlike the other two at the back, their legs wouldn’t even touch.
He had this boyish look, a lock of hair falling on his forehead. I had the sudden urge to push it back, but of course I didn’t! He had smooth skin... no pimples there, that is always a turn on to me! He had his polo barong undone, so I could also notice his chest. He was not thin, medium built most likely.

I guessed I was staring at him for so long because he gave me a certain look. Well now, I didn’t want to cause any scene, so I looked away. But I still feel his eyes boring on me so I looked back. Damn, what did his look mean? Is he flirting? How should I know? Why should I make the first move? Come on, as if I really knew how to do this.

But a tiny thought nagged at me. Why not? You wouldn’t see him again, so why not give in to this bit of craziness. If he responded, then go for it, if not, well, you were not really into that.

I never considered the time factor when travelling in the deep of night. There was no traffic, so I was already nearing my stop. The most that I need was squeezed his thigh between my legs and he didn’t even react. He probably took it as an accident because it happened when the FX hit as pothole.

Sayang, I thought to myself. He could be it. It meaning the one person that I would see myself growing old with. Some person I would do things with like watched the sunset together in a beach, stargaze at the park or wait for sunrise at the top of a mountain. He could be the one I would like to see first thing in the morning and my last call at night. He could me my home, where I would feel safe and secure. He could be my lover for crying out loud! We will cook together, eat together, wash dishes together, take a shower together, make love all night long! On a rainy day, we could just hold hands and lazxe the day away on the couch watching cartoons and classic movies, or lie in bed reading our favorite books. We could play scrabble, or he could teach me how to play chess. He could be my gallery companion, going to museums, or my duet partner when I sing-along at videoke bars.

Sigh. But I do believe in fate. I mean, if he was the one for me, he would be. We would meet no matter what the circumstance. But then again, if I don’t make a move, all will be lost. He could only be the one guy that could have been my life, the one I would offer my successes, the one who would share with me my life’s adventure. He could have been.

I made a compromise with myself. If we get off at the same stop, I would make the first move and introduce myself. Why does it have to be like this? Here was my one chance and yet I am hesitating. He looked decent and presentable naman. I wouldn’t be embarrassed to be seen with (he he, the question is, he might be the one be embarrassed to be seen with me). But still, I made a promise to myself. If and only if he gets off at the same stop as I am, then and only then would I make the move.

And he did get off at the same stop. Shucks, I could not back out of my dare. I got off first. I told myself, if he overtakes me, that’s it, or if he didn’t, I would chicken out. There you go, I was still afraid to try. Funny thing is, I was never given the chance. He walked right beside me and matched me stride by stride. Well, I guess he would be receptive for a casual talk after all. So, I mustered all my guts and blurted, “You going my way?” Duh, a good opening line... “It looks like it” he said. Good. “I am Paolo by the way, you?” “Call me Adan.”

Post Script: I wrote this as soon as I got home, unedited.

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