Kurt The Famous

Let me tell you a story. I am not a writer nor a blogger so bear with my story. This is based on my experience. Hope you'll like it. Sorry i cant disclose any specific information. I'm Ken, 5'8" tall, average looks and body, and also moreno. They say that I look cute, I can't see it. lol

Once, I was on a vacation in a province and coincidentally, a schoolmate (a guy) of mine is from there because i posted on FB that I'm travelling to that place. He knows of my sexuality because I am not the cliche gay guy who pretends to be masculine but not, however, i dont sway my hips when walking, dont know the gay linggwahe and do feminine things.

Anyway, let's call him Kurt, he's a celebrity if i may say. Famous person in social media and in person. Has the looks, the body, the height, and the brain. He's the lahat-ay-nagkakandaparapa kind of a guy. Girls and gays want him. So... yeah.

I arrived early in the morning, so we decided to meet. He gave me a tour of his hometown. Mostly the parks, beaches, mountain and bars. *though I'm not a party boy* - As the night approaches, we decided where to have dinner. Of course I do not know the place so he gets to decide. He told me that there's a floating bar near to where we were. So we went there.

While having dinner, all we did was talk and talk. You know, school stuff. Then he smirked and asked me about my love life. I told him how I was cheated and he also to his seemingly sad story. A cold breeze came in between our silence. He took a deep breath and told me that his ex partner was a guy. Then he also admitted of having a crush on me. Of course I was shocked because he's too perfect to be gay.

Fast forward, he courted me. Being me, a brutally honest person, told him that this wont last. He asked why? I told him that he either needs a rebound or to lay off some steam, you know, fuck the feelings out of his system. He laughed and told me that he always had an eye on me. So, I let him be. I already prepared myself to be just his rebound. He told me corny jokes that would surely make you fall.

Midnight was coming so he decided to go for a walk along the beach. You see, this is the kind of thing guys do to make them look sincere with their intentions. They always do kilig stuff to make you fall. And once you're down, can you get yourself up in case he wont be there to catch you? Not me, this sh*t wont work.

As we were walking along the shore, we enjoyed the serenity and the beach. The calmness, the cold wind, and the silence. Then, he grabbed my hand and held on to it while walking. He was walking like one foot ahead of me then he suddenly stopped on a dark spot. He then turned around and kissed me. His lips were so soft that made me bit him. But he still torridly kissed me, i can feel his body heat pressing against mine. He made me touch his bulging dick and caress it. I can tell how big it is, then he also touched mine.

I can feel how horny he was so i played along. His kiss was far better than any person i've kissed. He dragged me to a dark corner and we did the deed. He unzipped and pulled his pants down and made me get on my knees. I sucked his cock and he holds my head to f*ck my mouth. His dick is like 5 inches or something but it's thick. I can feel the head pushing down my throat as he moans "ahh, sarap tang ina ang init sarap". I am submissive bottom so those kind of things are not new to me.

Then he pulled his dick out of my mouth and stood me up. That time, he was servicing me. For a dominant, he's very good at it. His tongue makes my body feel tiny electric shocks. He sucked my dick deep throat as he played with my ass with his fingers to get it ready. Then he got up and went at my back. He said "tuwad ka", that was the first time i got rimmed. I felt so good that I had the feeling of cumming.

He stood up and placed his dick on my wet asshole. I told him to stop, we dont have a condom, but he has two in his wallet. (you see, fuck boy lol) He told me to take a deep breath, so i did and he pushed the head inside me. It was kinda big that I told him to stop. He told me to keep calm and breathe deep. And the next thing i knew, he got inside of me. He put his arm on my mouth and said to bite him because it turns him on and to make me ease the pain as he slowly fucked me.

After less than 5 minutes, the pain was replaced with pleasure. So there was nothing that can hold him back now. I can hear the bumping noise as he thrusts on fucking me. I like it hard and he loves it hard too. We had it for more or less 30 mins then he said "shit lalabas na". He pulled it out and made me kneel, he said to open my mouth and tongue out. So i did. When he cum, he shoved it in my mouth making me drink some of his juice.

Then i stood up to get dressed but he said "di pa ako tapos". We did a second round. That time, it was longer and harder because he wont cum so easily and his dick was still very hard. I cum like 4 times already as he's fucking me.

When we were done, he escorted me to my place and continued our "relationship" less than a month.

Yes, hindi po nagka-kami kasi 'di pa daw siya ready. Diba? Tama ako.

Pero, he's the best top i've ever had. Kapag nagkikita kami sa school, itetext niya lang ako anong floor na C.R. at gagawin na naman namin.

Pero natigil na 'nong nag-graduate na kami at nasa ibang city. Yun lang po. Sana nagustohan niyo.

Once, I was on a vacation in a province and coincidentally, a schoolmate (a guy) of mine is from there because i posted on FB that I'm travelling to that place.


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