Confused in Love Two (Part 4)

It was sunday and I'm having a day off. I cooked breakfast for everyone while Rocel is cleaning the house and here.

By: Akhi Ryu Go

The Queen's Wrath

It was sunday and I'm having a day off. I cooked breakfast for everyone while Rocel is cleaning the house and here. Hindi talaga maaasahan sa gawaing bahay ang dalawang boys so it's down to me and Rocel and it's up to us to maintain cleanliness.

While Rocel was mopping in a small corridor connecting the bathroom and the living room lumabas mula sa bathroom si Audrey and she saw what Rocel was doing. When she was about to get past the area where Rocel is, she deliberately dropped the bottle of lotion spilling it all over the floor.

Audrey: Awwwww!!! My gosh I am soooo sorry. Ha ha ha It's such a mess.

Rocel: *Beast mode* Clean it up right now!

Nakapamewang na ngayon si Rocel at nakahawak ang isang kamay sa mop.

Audrey: What if I don't want to? What're you gonna do old hag?

Rocel: First of all, bobitang hipon, I'm the same age as you. Secondly, it's your mess! So clean it up.

Then Audrey stood up straight facing Rocel getting closer and closer

Audrey: Haven't you been listening? I said I don't want to.

Nagtitigan silang dalawa ng masama. The atmosphere around them is like a volcano that's about to erupt. Before an imminent brawl Gab entered the scene.

Gab: What's going on here?

Rocel: Itong bastos mong "Ex" sinadyang itapon ang lotion nya sa sahig when I was about to finish cleaning it!

Dinuduro ni Rocel si Audrey

Audrey: Ex??? I am not Gab's Ex!!!! In fact, may nangyari pa nga samin kagabi. Right Gab?

Gab was about to protest when he remembered the deal they had last night.

Audrey: Right Gab?!

Gab: Uh... Yes.

Ang hindi nila alam I was right behind them and I heard everything. Nakita ako ni Gab. He looked startled and worried.

Akhi: Um... Goodmorning.

When I was about to leave Audrey spoke to me.

Audrey: Hey Akhi! Kanina ka pa ba dyan? hahaha morning. I bet you're here to tell us that the food is ready?

I took a deep breath to calm myself at baka di ako makapag pigil masabunutan ko na ang babaeng ito. then I answered.

Akhi: Yes the food is ready.

I was about to leave again then Gab spoke

Gab: Akhi! What you've heard just now is...

Audrey: True! We had such a lovely time together last night. Right Gab?

She looks at Gab with a threatening look. Gab had no choice but to affirm and he looked down.

Gab: Yes it was.

Audrey: Hahaha My my, look at the time? I think we should go have some breakfast my baby.

Then he led Gab to the dining room and I was left there frozen. Iniisip ko why didn't Gab deny it? totoo kaya yon? Then I woke up to reality when someone tapped on my shoulder

Rocel: Ui?! Akhi? Okay ka lang dyan?

Akhi: Um yes. I'm alright.

Rocel: You know that witch? Bingo na sakin yan. It is on! Makakatikim sakin yan mark my words!

We are now at the table having breakfast altogether except for Harold. Then he came in holding his phone to his ear speaking to someone.

Harold: Ah okay. Sige sige sasabihin ko sa kanila. After lunch? Okay good! See you then! Bye!

Rocel: Who're you talking to?

Harold: Si Cherry. Nagyaya daw mag swimming boyfriend nya si James.

Rocel: Oh that's perfect! We can spend time together! The whole squad! It's sad that Gideon's not here to join us but at least we've got each other. Me, you, Gab and Akhi.

Harold: And Cherry asked us to bring Audrey with us too.

Nabulunan ako sa narinig ko. Ang bestfriend ko? Ininvite ang bruhang ito? Unbelievable!

Rocel: What??? For real?! Are you sure?

Audrey: Awwww....!!! It seems like Cherry hasn't forgotten about me after all. That's just so sweet!

Napa-face palm nalang si Rocel. Ako naman I'm wondering how Audrey can stomach situations like this when clearly there are people around her who doesn't like her?

Harold: Basta after lunch daw we'll meet up at Starlove Resort.

We finished our breakfast and si Harold ang nakatoka sa dishes and so he did and the rest of us is getting prepared for the afternoon.

We arrived at the resort and there Cherry, James and Mackhoy (Cherry's cousin at dati kong manliligaw) was there waiting for us.

Cherry: Finally you're all here! Haha Hi guys! This is James. My fiancé.

Akhi: Fiancé? So he proposed?

James: That I did Akhi. Hehe didn't you know? it was right after I met you guys at the café.

Akhi: Oh great! Once again bessy you're leaving me behind.

I glared at her dissapointed that she didn't inform me but I am very happy for her.

Cherry: Look I'm sorry okay? kaya nga heto tayo ngayon. We're gonna be celebrating!

Akhi: Well the least you can do is to tell me all about how he proposed to you.

Cherry: We'll have time for that later but for now let's get inside.

Starlove Resort is really big and there's a lot of guests in there. Sosyal ang lugar.

Audrey: Hi Cherry! Long time no see! It's so nice to see you! Thanks for inviting me!

Napapairap nalang kami ni Rocel at nagtinginan.

Inirapan ni Cherry si Audrey then bigla syang nag smile and said

Cherry: But of course! Ikaw pa! Come on guys let's get inside.

Lumapit sakin si Rocel and she whispered

Rocel: Nakita mo yun Akhi?

Akhi: Oo Ross. Something's going on. Sigurado ako may binabalak yan si bessy.

Rocel: Ngayon naiintindihan ko na kung bakit pati yang bruhang yan ay invited.

Akhi: Medyo nag aalala ako. Alam ko kung pano tumakbo utak nyan ni Cherry. Somebody's gonna get in trouble.

Rocel: That's because I informed her of our encounter this morning. This girl Audrey, is about to get a taste of The Queen's wrath and there's two of us.

Akhi: Yeah. Both of you teaming up? That's really scary.

We are all by the pool now. Syempre pabida ang boys. Harold is a sight to see. A towering muscle and Gab, Oh sh*t Gab, Is soooo hot! Like literally the girls all around us are like die hard fans who've just seen their idol in person. Ako, just discreetly seated near the pool trying hard not to catch any attention.

Mackhoy: Ang tagal ng girls. What's taking them so long?

Biglang dumating si Audrey, Tinanggal ang robe and gosh!!! She's sexy! Damn! Now I feel so insecure.

Audrey: It's so hot out here. Don't you think Akhi? I'm so glad I have such perfect curves. I'm sure Gab's gonna like it.

But wait, sa kabilang banda, lumabas si Rocel and Cherry. Still wearing robes.

Cherry: Aww.. You're right Audrey. It is hot.

Rocel: Y'know what? Why don't we take off our robes too?

Cherry: That's an excellent Idea!

Then both of them removed their robes and OMG! I didn't really notice it, but my friends are hot and sexy! Napaatras si Audrey. Masyado kase syang GGSS that she thinks sya lang ang may curves in the whole damn resort. Rocel looked her in the side from head to toe, smirked and then flipped her hair before diving into the pool. Audrey felt competition is going on. So she stretched in a seductive way, winked at Gab and dived into the pool.

Cherry: Bessy, I heard what happened earlier. Are you okay?

Akhi: Depends on the definition.

Cherry: Yeah I mean I know physically you're okay but emotionally, how are you holdin' up?

Akhi: I don't wanna talk about it right now.

Cherry: Tell you what, I've got a plan. I dig up some information about this bitch and where she has been the past 2 years and what she's been up to.

Akhi: And what exactly did you find out?

Cherry: She's been abroad for the past two years and guess what? May kasama sya. A filthy rich dirty old man.

Akhi: Woah!

Cherry: Usap usapan, jowa nya ang matandang ito. Sinama sya abroad for a series of travel vacation. It seems like Audrey is a gold digger. Sa pagkaka alam ko, wala na silang balak bumalik ng pinas but she did at mag isa nalang sya non.

Akhi: Wow... Okay... He left Gab for that? Di ba nya alam na mayaman sila Gab? Close nga sya sa family nila eh.

Cherry: Bessy, there's a difference between rich and super rich.

Akhi: Oh okay.

Cherry: You know why I also picked this resort?

Akhi: May kinalaman ba ito?

Cherry: Exactly! Andito ngayon yung DOM. Pina invite ko si Audrey to confirm it.

Akhi: How are you gonna do that?

Cherry: Just trust me on this. I've got this.

Nag-rent ng mga rooms si Cherry para makapag overnight kaming lahat. 2 person per room. So everyone is paired up. Cherry and James at room 1, Rocel and Me at room 2, Harold and Mackhoy at room 3, then Gab and Audrey at room 4. Sinama ako ni Rocel papunta sa reception then she was asking for something.

Rocel: Excuse me po, can I have a duplicate key of room number 4? Naiwan ko po kase sa loob yung susi.

Personel: Okay maam. Here you go!

Akhi: Ross, room number 4 is Gab and Audrey's room. What are you up to?

Rocel: Just going to make sure Audrey suffers.

Akhi: No we can't sneak in!

Rocel: Oh come on Akhi! Don't go limp on me. We're in this together!

Akhi: No! I'm not doing it. Babalik na ako sa kwarto and I'll just wait until you're done with whatever you're going to do.

Rocel: Chicken! Suit yourself. I'm gonna see this plan through.

About an hour later Rocel came back to the room giggling.

Akhi: Oh gosh, someone's gonna get fucked up tomorrow.

Then we heard a scream from another room.

Audrey: Aaaaaaaa!!!!! There's something in the bath tub!!!

Rocel: For sure! Goodnight Akhi!

Then we went to sleep.

Kinabukasan at the resort's restaurant

Audrey: F*ck! Kagabi pa 'to! Hindi ako makatulog sa sobrang kati!

Gab: Huh? It couldn't possibly be the bed. Nakatulog naman ako ng maayos ah?

Rocel: Or maybe kailangan lang nyang mag hilod.

Then everyone laughed at what Rocel said.

Audrey: Grrrrr!!!! Shut up!

Cherry: Hey relax Audrey. It was just a joke.

We're in some kind of a garden part of the resort and we were admiring the scenery.

Audrey: You know I think someone sneaked inside our room last night. Nawawala ang phone ko eh!

Gab: Really? Pano naman nangyari yun?

Nagkatinginan kami ni Rocel and she's gesturing like to say that she didn't do it.

Audrey: I asked the personel a while ago and said someone asked for a duplicate key to our room. Alam mo ba? nawawala din ang pera ko. Whoever did this is a gold digging dirty, poor and pathetic loser.

Napikon si Rocel and butted in the conversation

Rocel: Hoy! Excuse me! I may have sneaked into your room last night to give you a "special" formula of the bath soap, but I did not steal your phone or your money!

Audrey: Aha! So the culprit finally admitted. Hindi nawawala ang phone ko at pera ko. Just wanted to confirm something. Siguro nagkamali ka ng sneak in? Kase sa pagkaka alam ko you are attracted to Mackhoy before. kaya siguro gusto mo syang pasukin? Or maybe it was Harold? Because maybe you think he's so hot that you'd want to suck him and be f*cked by two guys all at once because you're such a slut!

Rocel: T*ngina mo ka!

Then sinugod ni Rocel si Audrey at sinampal ito sabay sinabunutan at gumaganti din si Audrey. Napahiga ito making Rocel on top of her at bugbog sarado sya pero inawat sila ng mga boys.

Rocel: Hayop ka!

Audrey: Ikaw ang nanguna! When you sneaked into my room and did that! Bitiwan mo ko Gab!

Gab: Would you just stop it already?!!!

Natahimik si Audrey. tumingin ng masama kay Rocel.

Audrey: Punong puno na ako sa'yo!

Rocel: Bitch please! The feeling is mutual!

Audrey: Raaaaaa!!!!!

She ran into Rocel's direction to knock her down pero hinila ni Cherry si Rocel at nagpatuloy tuloy si Audrey and she tripped into a muddy puddle.


Audrey: Aaaaarrrggggg!!!!! I hate this!!!!!!

Rocel: Hahaha that's what you get bitch for messing with the queen and calling me a slut!

Nilapitan ni Gab si Audrey para itayo.

Audrey: Don't touch me!

Tumayo syang mag isa and she headed towards their room. Gab gave me a concerned look before following Audrey.

Cherry: Well that was unexpected but it went well.

Rocel: It's satisfyingly succesful! Haha

Nag-high five sila and said



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Mencircle: Confused in Love Two (Part 4)
Confused in Love Two (Part 4)
It was sunday and I'm having a day off. I cooked breakfast for everyone while Rocel is cleaning the house and here.
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