Confused in Love Two (Part 11) Finale

By: Akhi Ryu Go

Love Wins

I woke up having a headache from all the crying and drinking that I've been doing the past two days. Masakit parin sakin ang nangyari samin ni Gab. Napakarami nang bote ng alak sa kwarto ko at lumalabas lang ako ng kwarto just to buy them. Sometimes Rocel and Harold would join me pero hindi nila kayang maglaklak ng buong araw and they've got their jobs to do.

I was slowly and literally destroying myself. I've been trying to drown the pain of losing Gab pero hanggang ngayon, di parin mawala ang sakit na nararamdaman ko in fact, nadadagdagan lang ito ng sakit ng ulo. Even if I have just woke up, I opened a bottle of brandy at nagsimula nanaman akong uminom ng alak then I decided to join Harold and Rocel for breakfast still carrying that liquor. I sat down at one of chairs.

Rocel: What the hell Akhi? It's been three days straight!

Akhi: *Speaking in a drunk manner* Yeah! Good morning to you too. *gulped from the bottle of liquor* what's for breakfast?

Rocel: Seriously? Ayan!

Then she stood up at inabot sakin ni Rocel ang isang pinggang nilagang itlog ng padabog.

Rocel: *naka pamewang* I swear if you don't get your sh*t straight, magkaka high blood na ako at muscles sa nilagang itlog ni Harold!

Harold: Hey! At least I made an effort para may breakfast tayo.

I stood up and leaned by the window.

Akhi: *sigh* I lost my appetite. I think I'm gonna go outside and find something else.

Rocel: Wow... So this is how things are gonna be from now on huh? You're just gonna waste your days away feeling sad and drunk?

Nakatingin lang ako kay Rocel then tumungga ulit ako.

Harold: Huy Akhi, tama na yan.

Rocel: Yeah that's enough!

Akhi: Hahaha. *gulp* You guys don't know what I feel right now. I feel *sigh* so f*cking light as a feather! Hahaha I am feeling ecstatic!

Harold: Oh gosh... He's going crazy.

Then lumapit sakin si Rocel at sinampal ako ng malakas sa pisngi.

Rocel: Wake up! Do not destroy yourself! It's time to move on!

Akhi: *in a low tone* Listen to yourself... *gulp* you said move on? It's only been two days.

Rocel: Listen, I am not saying that you should forget right away and be okay. I'm just saying na magtira ka naman ng awa para sa sarili mo.

just when I was going to have another gulp of the liquor she stopped me then she stole it from my hand and showed it to me.

Rocel: This? *pointing at it* This is not the answer.

Akhi: Then what is?

Rocel: If you really want to forget and move on, keep yourself busy. Be in a cheerful environment. Stop thinking too much. Start caring for yourself. The more you get drunk, the more you get hurt so stop it!

I just stared at her and her back at me then after a while I walked away.

Rocel: Where do you think you're going?

Akhi: Geezz don't worry okay? I'm just gonna go buy something to eat outside. I'm hungry.

Rocel: Well at least clean up yourself! You stink! Go take a bath and brush your teeth before you walk outside.

Akhi: Okay fine. Whatever.

Napatingin nalang si Rocel kay Harold.

Harold: He looks like a walking disaster.

Rocel: Ugh!...


Cherry: Mr. Gerard Dawan It's so nice to meet you.

Gerard: So what is it that you wanted to talk about?

Cherry: It's about you and Audrey.

At bigla syang nagalit

Gerard: How do you know about that?!

Cherry: How I knew about it doesn't matter.

Gerard: What do you want?!

Cherry: Relax Mr. Dawan, Nobody's telling your family and everyone else in your company about it. I just need to discuss it with you. You know? Audrey's condition?

Gerard: I already gave her money. Does she want more?? Did she send you?!

Cherry: Look! First of all, I am not friends with Audrey. Secondly, because of this thing going on between the two of you, other people are suffering!

Gerard: What do you mean by that?

Cherry: She's in a relationship with my bestfriend's boyfriend and her ex. Ipinapasalo nya sa kaibigan ko ang ipinagbubuntis nya. She made him believe that it was his.

Gerard: Yeah! That's the exact same thing she's doing to me.

Cherry: *Sigh* Mr. Dawan, don't you know? Audrey is in love with you.

Gerard: That's bullshit.

Cherry: No! It's true and you need to listen to me!

Nagtaas na ng boses si Cherry at nagulat si Mr. Dawan.

Gerard: Okay, talk.

Then ikinuwento ni Cherry lahat ng pangyayari samin mula noong bumalik si Audrey at ang mga plot na ginawa ni Cherry para lang malaman ang sekreto ni Audrey sa resort pati narin ang pagpapanggap nyang maging kaibigan si Audrey at ang life story nito at kung paanong minahal ni Audrey si Mr. Dawan.

Cherry: You know, Audrey isn't a bad person at all. I kinda feel sorry for her and feel bad na makipag kaibigan sa kanya just to get her to tell me these things but I had to do it. She's destroying other people's lives and she thinks it's the right thing to do because lahat ng nakikita nyang tama ay yun lang para sa kapakanan nya and I can't let her do that.

Mr. Dawan looks down and continues to listen

Cherry: She is truly in love with you. She believed in you but you just threw her away like garbage. She gave her heart to you. Alam ko ang alam mo lang about her is she's a "gold digger" and she f*cks with rich guys to support her sisters but somehow you should know that life hasn't been fair to her. She suffered from her childhood so much.

At tahimik lang silang naupo doon. si Mr. Dawan ay nag iisip.

Cherry: I am not saying na ipagpalit mo ang pamilya mo for her because that is so wrong. I'm just saying take responsibility. Save her and stop her from destroying other people's lives, and other people's relationship just for her own good. Please Mr. Dawan I beg you. I know deep down you still care about her for even just a bit.

Gerard: You're right. I'm going to call her. I'll fix this for all of us.

Cherry: Thank you so much Mr. Dawan.

Gerard: No! Thank you for telling me these things.

She smiled and then she stood up and walked away.

Letterman Ave. Audrey's Apartment

Her phone was ringing

Audrey: Hmmm... who could this be? *unknown number* Hello?

Gerard: Hello, Audrey?

Audrey: Gerard?! Bakit naman napatawag ka sakin? Anung kailangan mo? I thought we're done here?

Gerard: I wanted to say I'm sorry dahil sa ginawa ko sa'yo.

Audrey: Don't you think it's a little too late for that?

Gerard: I didn't realize how much you love me. I was blinded by the things that I know. I didn't even bother asking you about your life.

Audrey: Haha! What do you know about me? You don't know anything!

Gerard: Cherry told me everything.

Audrey: She what???!

Gerard: Audrey there's no need to be angry. She meant well and because of her, now I realize that I've done such a terrible thing to you. I care for you too.

Naiyak nalang si Audrey sa narinig nya then Mr. Dawan continued...

Gerard: I wanna be a father to our child.

lalo pang naiyak si Audrey

Gerard: Gusto kong bumawi sa kasalanan ko. I promise I'm gonna be a good father to our child and he or she's gonna get all the best things in life that I could give. Best education, comfortable life and I'm gonna take care of you and your sisters as well.

Audrey: But what about your family?

Gerard: Hindi ko e gigive up ang family ko. I'm just saying na from now on, hindi ko kayo pababayaan ng anak ko. I still care about you pero importante din sakin ang pamilya ko. I just beg you to stop destroying other people's lives. I know you're still wounded but we can mend it together. Find love in your sisters and our child. Then someday I hope you'd be able to find a man who would love you like you loved me and this time hindi mo na kailangang kumapit sa patalim because I have your back. I will ensure your family's future I promise you.

Audrey: I don't.... I don't know what to do... Nakasira na ako ng relasyon... I don't know if I can still fix this... I need to think it over...

Gerard: I hope you forgive me and that we could be friends?

Audrey: Bye.

Then she hung up.


I am now at the park, drinking in broad daylight. Pinagtitinginan ako ng mga tao sa paligid but I ignored them and I kept on drinking. Maya maya pa, may tumabi sakin.

Akhi: Oh great! Audrey... come to laugh at me?

Audrey: *sigh*

Akhi: Huh... not talking aren't you? Gusto mo lang ipamukha sakin na na sa'yo na ang lahat.

Audrey: Akhi, how much do you love Gab?

Akhi: Well for starters, I won't leave him behind just like that without saying any word like what you did.

Audrey: Honestly, I don't love Gab.

Akhi: Hahaha *Gulp* *Gulp* *Gulp* So ano 'to? Trip trip lang? Nagpabuntis ka sa kanya kase trip mo lang? Sinira mo ang relasyon namin kase feel mo lang? Ano ka? Bata? Baliw?

Audrey: *sigh* If by chance ibalik ko sa'yo si Gab, do you promise to take care of him and hold on to him?

Akhi: *Gulp* Yeah no sh*t. As if you'd do that... but if you do, I don't need to promise you anything because for Gab, I am willing to do anything. Just like now, I sacrifice for him because I also want him to be responsible. I want his life to be good even if I suffer.

Then we just sat there for a while and not speaking to each other.

Audrey: I've got to go now.

Akhi: Yeah haha *I start crying* He must be waiting for you at home.

She looked back at me, and then started walking away and then she whispered to herself

Audrey: I'm sorry for everything Akhi. Your suffering will be over soon.


At Audrey's apartment.

Nakaupo lang si Gab at nakasandal sa sofa with his eyes closed then Audrey arrived.

Gab: Where have you been?

Audrey: I met up with Akhi.

then Gab sat straight and looked at her.

Gab: Ano pa bang kailangan mo? Why do you want to hurt him more?

Audrey: I did not go there to hurt him! I just... wanted to know how much he loves you.

Gab: hmm... Why does it matter?

Audrey: Gab... I'm letting you go...

Gab: What? Why? What about our baby.

Audrey: I'm sorry Gab. I lied to you. Hindi ikaw ang ama ng nasa sinapupunan ko.

Gab: You fooled me?!

Audrey: Look! I am sorry okay? *she starts crying* this is the biggest mistake that I've ever done at pinagsisisihan ko na ito ngayon. You two deserve each other.

Gab: Are you serious about this?

Audrey: Yeah I am and truly, sincerely, I am so sorry Gab.

Gab suddenly cried and he embraced Audrey.

Gab: Thank you so much...

Then he hurriedly ran outside and as he did, Audrey whispered to herself

Audrey: I hope it's not too late.

She then called Cherry and thanked her and told her all about what's been going on.

Cherry: You did the right thing Audrey. I really hope you learn from this mistake and never again do it to anyone else.


Back at the park

My phone started ringing. At first I was hesitating but then I decided to answer

Akhi: Hello bessy. Wag mo na ako pagalitan please... Bugbog na ako kay Rocel.

Cherry: No bessy. There's something you should know...

Then she told me everything... I felt an extreme excitement at nabuhay ang loob ko and I am so overwhelmed with joy! Tumakbo ako papauwi sa apartment namin.


As I got home, still catching my breath I hurriedly opened the door and there I saw Harold, Rocel and Cherry waiting by the door.

Akhi: huff huff where is Gab?

Then they stepped out of the way. Lumabas si Gab at lumapit sakin.

Gab: Akhi! *with tears in his eyes*

Akhi: Gab!

Then bigla kaming nagyakap ng mahigpit na sabik na sabik sa isa't isa. Napaka saya ko ng mga sandaling iyon kase once again magkayakap kami ni Gab and we'll be together again. Then after a while tumingin sya sa mga mata ko at hinawakan ang pisngi ko.

Gab: This is the happiest day of my life.

Akhi: Me too Gab! Walang mapaglagyan ang kaligayahang nararamdaman ko ngayon.

Gab: Hindi na ulit tayo maghihiwalay Akhi.

Akhi: Pangako?

Gab: Pangako.

Then we kissed passionately and lovingly and it is as if the world is revolving just for us... pakiramdam ko there's just him and me in this world and this was truly a very joyful moment. We missed each other so much that this time we're not gonna let anything come between us ever again... and just like that... Love wins!


I woke up having a headache from all the crying and drinking that I've been doing the past two days. Masakit parin sakin ang nangyari samin ni Gab.

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