Chances, Choices and Consequences (Part 2)

By: Diego Coquangco

There’s nothing like the first time. First kiss - nung umagang kaysarap balikan, first intertwining of hands - secretly sa ilalim ng mesa ng Blackbird on our first date, and of course first oral sex. I was excited yet scared because it was my first. I've been dreaming of it to happen and even fantasizing and jacking off thinking of his dick. It all began when he put my hand on top of his crotch while we were cuddling one horny morning. Hinihimas ko lang ang bukol nya. Nainip yata siya at hinubad ang boxer shorts nya hanggang tuhod. Tumayo sya at napaupo ako sa kama. Natulala nalang ako sa nakatayong titi na nasa harapan ko. Napakakinis. Hindi masyadong mataba pero mahaba. I looked at him asking what to do next. He just winked at me. Lumapit ako at inamoy ito. My kakaibang amoy na tila hinihila ka palapit. I'm in love with him and his dick. Hindi na ako nag-aksaya pa ng oras. I licked his head and tried putting it inside my mouth. I tried everything I saw on porn. I heard him say, “teeth, ugh your teeth.” I wasn't paying attention to it and how he reacted. I was busy worshipping his tool. I like it and didn't want to stop. I wanted his dick in my mouth day in, day out. His mine. His dick was mine. I was into the moment. I moved my tongue licking his head while his dick was in my mouth. Nabibilaukan ako sa tuwing pipilitin kong maisubo ng buo ang titi nya. Nagulat nalang ako ng hawakan nya ang buhok ko at pilit na isinisik ang ari nya sa bibig ko. He fucked my mouth and... came. I didn't expect him to cum in my mouth. Not on my first. I had no choice but to swallow. Some dripped on my chin. I will never forget how tasty his cum was.

And, I won't forget the first time I was able to say, “He’s my boyfriend” It’s all good...until it’s not.

Breakups are a fact of life. The good news is that there is also a way to force us to come to terms with what is actually in our best interest. A common way people attempt to get over a breakup is by hooking up with someone else. And sometimes we take it even a little further and find ourselves in a rebound relationship.

Three weeks after Tristan dumped me, I found myself preoccupied at work, filed an indefinite leave, and wanted to be alone most of the time in my room. One boring afternoon, I was watching YouTube videos and saw a Grindr ad. I got interested and decided to install it. I didn't upload my picture because I wasn't really interested in most of the users aside from one hot user, Zach, 5kms away from me. His profile picture caught my attention. It shows his sculpted body but not his face. And I thought, Oh, he might be a'hipon'. There’s something in him that I like. I decided to send him a message.

Phil: Hi
Zach: Hi
Phil: How are you?
Zach: Good, you?
Phil: Good.

I waited for his reply but he didn’t. So, I sent him...

Phil: Yo!
Zach: Loc

I sent him my location.

Zach: Matagal kana dito?
Phil: Pic? (I didn't answer his question. I want to know what he looks like. I want to confirm whether his handsome or not.)

He didn't reply instantly. After few minutes, he responded.

Zach: After you.

I didn't want to send my own pic at first. I even thought of using a friend’s pic but decided to be honest instead. I sent him a pic of mine with Snapchat puppy face effect. After few minutes, he sent me his.

His long, fat dick.

Phil: Cool. Mukha ka palang titi.

I like his dick. I actually love it. Pero mas gusto ko namang makita yung mukha nya sana.

Zach: Kamukha mo nga rin yung aso ko.

Natawa nalang ako sa sinabi nya. Totoo naman. I scrolled up and looked at his dick pic again. His dick has a straight shaft that points upwards, does not curve, thicker at the base than at the end, mushroom-headed, cut, with many quite pronounced veins, and most likely six-by-five.

After few minutes, he initiated a conversation.

Zach: So, what brings you on Grindr?
Phil: Nothing in particular, you? (That was an honest answer. I don't know why I installed it. I've heard about or seen it many times but didn't get a chance to install it. I'm not looking for a hook-up. Maybe I just need someone to talk to. Maybe.)
Zach: Fun.
Phil: What are you up to? (I just copied what he asked me. I was hoping he would answer the same.)
Zach: Coffee?

Does he mean coffee as kape or sex? Hahaha! Bakit ako na-eexcite sa idea of having sex with a stranger? I thought it would be interesting or he just wants someone to talk to over a cup of coffee.

Phil: Where?
Zach: Cafe Breton
Phil: Okay.

Great. I like the crepes served in Breton.

Zach: Number?
Phil: Nope.
Zach: Pano kita makokontact?
Phil: Alam mo naman kung ano itsura ko.
Zach: Okay. Kapag may makita akong mukhang aso, ikaw na yun.
Phil: Yup. Pakilabas na rin ng titi mo para makilala kita. (I didn’t know I could be that naughty.)

I waited for fifteen minutes before he replied.

Zach: I'm on my way.

What? I'm not ready yet. I need to take a shower and drive for thirty minutes. I was about to reply when he sent me his picture. He looks like the Azkal player Neil Etheridge. Tamang-tama lang ang gwapo pero ang lakas ng dating. I got excited. Then, out of the blue, naalala ko si Tristan. What would he say if he finds out I'm seeing another man this instant? I might lose my chance of having him again. I felt sad, didn’t reply Zach, turned my Wi-Fi off, and took a nap.


My mom woke me up, asked me to get ready. We will dine out daw.

Nawala sa isip ko si Zach at ang pang-iindian ko sa kanya.

I wasn't aware of where we will eat until I realize we were heading GreenBelt 3. My heart pounded. I didn't know why. I could sense something weird was going to happen.

"Dad, sa'n ta'yo?" I asked.
"Sala Bistro,” was his casual reply.
"Late na nga tayo. Kanina pa naghihintay si Alice dun." My mom interrupted. I was shocked. Alice? Tristan's mom?
"Bakit po?" I was not in the right mind after hearing that.
"Anong bakit? Hnd mo na ba naalala?"
"Ang alin po?" My mind went blank. I didn't know how to process everything. I was thinking of Zac. We're heading to where we were supposed to meet. All of a sudden, I was panicking because of the thought of seeing Tristan's mom, worse seeing the person I admired the most and dumped me.

What should I do? Should I go home? Make an excuse to go somewhere else? Face it? Is Tristan there? Will I see Zach in the area? I don't know what to do.

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