Run With You (Part 1)


I’ve been meaning to write this story of mine, but I just can’t seem to find the perfect venue to do so, until I came across this website, which might be the best venue for my story. This is based from true experiences, nothing sexual, very wholesome, but never fails to give me the feels every time I recall these experiences. Though I’ll be changing the names and some details as well to protect the people involved.

I’m a teacher in this certain high school. It’s my second year of teaching, and my first one was fine I suppose. I was able to teach well, and I was respected, in fact feared by students, so classroom management was not an issue. I, however, felt lonely for I was never able to reach out to any of my students. So I promised myself, this year, I will still be a disciplinarian, but this time, firm as a father, but gentle as a mother.

During the first day of classes with the grade 12, I was able to meet all the 7 sections that I will be handling. I just planned to introduce myself and then get to know my students individually and what are their expectations in my subject.

“Good morning. I am Mr. Johnny and I will be your teacher in you school’s history for this year.” Then I listened to the students one by one, one section after the other. There was nothing spectacular, until I went to my last class. I said my usual lines, and the students took turns in introducing themselves. As they were doing so, I was just reading their names on my list, and then there was this guy who introduced himself. He caught my attention. He spoke differently among all those that I have heard the entire day.

It was just a brief one, “Good afternoon. I’m Jun and I’m from Alabang. I don’t have any expectations in this class, ‘coz I’m from a different school, but I’m very eager to know more about it.” Slowly, I glanced at him and just stared at him. He was fair skinned. He had a slim body, small face with small pinkish lips, and was wearing glasses. I said to myself, “Ang presko. Conyo siguro to.” I just caught myself softly mocking his way of saying Olobong. The end of my first day.

I met my students once a week only. Though I enjoy teaching them. As for the students, I’m not so sure. Days passed, and turned to weeks, which turned to months. I noticed that I look forward to meeting the section with this conyo boy. He was just quiet, though very observant. In class, I try avoiding looking at him. His stare would somehow give me the shivers, in a good way. That was our only means of interacting with one another.
August came and it was their Buwan ng Wika. The teachers organized a 2-day activity wherein Filipino games were played. On the first day, the students played several games, until the afternoon. Suddenly, one adviser approached me and asked if I could watch over his advisory class, he said he had to leave early due to some prior commitments. I obliged, since I had nothing to do that afternoon.

After lunch, all students were asked to form two lines per section. I went to the section entrusted to my care. I sat behind a student, and I leaned against his back. As I did that, he turned his head at the same time I did. It was Jun. “Hi Sir!” He said casually. “Hi Jun.”  I replied. Then I noticed how good looking this conyo guy is. We just stayed with our backs against each other for several minutes until he broke the silence,

“Would you like to play piano tiles?”
“You wouldn’t dare challenge me, I’m good at that.”

So I played, and got a score of 1,500. He was surprised and felt challenged. He wanted to beat my score, but just couldn’t get anything higher than 1,000. Upon giving up, we decided to go to the bleachers and we started talking. We shared our first impressions of each other

“Sir, at first, I was scared of you. But I guess you’re cool.” He said
“I thought you were conyo. I remember the first time I heard you speak, you were like saying Olobong.” I replied. Then we started laughing.

As we were talking, I can’t help but stare at him, and I just said to myself, “Shet, ang gwapo pala nya talaga.” We continued talking until dismissal time, and that was the time we parted ways.

From that encounter, Jun and I slowly started speaking more. He would now greet me along the corridors, and I would greet him back. These encounters never fail to make me smile. Then one afternoon, he invited me to eat with him at a certain fast food chain after class. He said he’ll treat me. I said okay.

Come dismissal time, we met and I was surprised to see that he brought with him another student. So we went to the fast food and started to order. The two of them ordered so much, and in the end, I was the one who paid for their bill. I said to myself, “lintik na, naisahan ako ng mga batang to ah.” We sat, and started talking, and talking and talking. Slowly, I was realizing that this guy is very interesting! I found myself being drawn to him and just thought, “sulit yung 200 na nilibre ko para makasama ko si Jun.” As we were parting ways, he said, “Sir, next time, it’ll be on me.” “Tss, no worries, treat me na lang when you’re already working.” I said.

Then we started exchanging messages online. It was always a brief exchange. He’s a guy with curt responses, which is ironic thinking how warm he is in person. So one time, I asked him,

“Ang tagal na ng promise mo, pero hindi ko parin nakukuha yung libre mo.”
“E sir, hindi mo naman sinasabi e. Gusto mo po later lunch, libre kita ng shake?”
“Sige. San tayo magkita?”
“Sa canteen na lang po.”
“Okay, I’m on my way.”

Then I realized, I have no wifi signal inside the canteen, and that I don’t have his number. I went around, but did not find Jun anywhere in the canteen. I decided to go back to the faculty room instead then messaged him after class

“Di ka naman pumunta e.”
“Sir, I was there in the canteen also, but I didn’t find you. Siguro sir, it would be better if you give me your number so I can text you next time.”

I paused and thought for a while.. Shall I give him my number?

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