Confused in Love Four (Part 3)

By: Akhi Ryu Go

Deceitful Romance

It was around 4am when Gab woke up. He took a quick shower and then got changed and picked up some of his clothes. After that, he headed to the kitchen to have some coffee and as he did, Rocel was right over there having coffee too.

Gab: Oh you're here. Good morning.

Rocel: Of course I'm here. I live here.

Gab: Aga mong magising ha?

Rocel: Heller? I just came home from my gig.

Gab: Oh sorry I didn't know. Thought for sure that you got drunk last night and didn't go to work.

Rocel: excuse me, that doesn't work for me. Besides, ang tolerance ko sa alak ay mataas.

Then Gab sat just across the table and they drink their coffee in silence. Maya maya pa nagsalita si Rocel.

Rocel: So what's up with you and Akhi?

Gab: what do you mean?

Rocel: I heard you last night. You were arguing.

Gab: Don't worry about it.

Rocel: Seriously Gab, if you love him you'd forgive him and listen to what he has to say. Like seriously.

Gab: Yeah. i know right? But if he really loves me, he wouldn't have cheated on me in the first place.

Rocel: You are so stubborn and I hate that. I won't be trying to convince you anymore. Do whatever you want but then, don't come crying to me and Harold when Akhi finds somebody new and it's already too late for you to have him back.

Gab: Tsss I'm pretty sure he already has.

He stood up, grabbed his bag and headed for the door.

Gab: I gotta get going.

Rocel: And where do you think you're going this early?

Gab: At Sarah's place.

Rocel: kita mo 'tong lalaking 'to. You're so stupid Gab. Trying to hurt Akhi won't be solving anything.

Gab: yeah right I'll keep that in mind. Bye.

Then he closed the front door.

Rocel: Ugh! This is hopeless.




It's 9 am when I woke up and I am having a hangover. I checked to see if Gab was still sleeping on the floor but he wasn't there. So I just did my morning routines and headed for the kitchen to cook breakfast for everyone. While I was cooking, I got a phone call from an unknown number.

Akhi: Sino naman kaya 'to?

I picked up and I heard a familiar voice.

Aaron: Hey baby. Missed me?

Akhi: P*tang *na mo Aaron! I blocked your number already but then you found another way to contact me?

Aaron: Of course I did haha and I'm not gonna stop.

Akhi: You've caused me so much pain and trouble already!!! What more do you want from me?!

Aaron: You're not dumb Akhi, so why are you asking me that question? I want you!

Akhi: Hahaha *sarcastic laugh* and I hate you so much, the next time I see you, you're so going to regret it.

Aaron: I'd like to see you try but you know, you'd only end up kissing me again, dahil di mo ko kaya. Physically, I am stronger than you.

Akhi: who cares about physical strength when I can just use anything I could throw or hit at you?

Aaron: Going too far e? Hahaha tell you what, meet me at Cat's eyes cafe at 3pm. I have something important to tell you.

Akhi: F*ck off Aaron!

Then I hang up. Sa sobrang inis ko, I threw my phone and it hit the wall then the floor. Suddenly, someone's knocking on the door. I came up to open it and Cherry was there.

Akhi: Oh bes come inside! Ang aga mo bumisita ha?

Cherry: *hugs* yeah I know. I just wanted to check up on you since that awkward situation last night, hindi ako mapakali.

Akhi: Thanks but I am fine. Let's get inside first kase nagluluto ako.

Cherry: Where's Ross and Harold?

Akhi: Probably still sleeping. I got up first.

When we got to the kitchen, Cherry immediately noticed my phone lying on the ground. She picked it up and saw that the screen was cracked.

Cherry: Okay, don't tell me na nahulog lang to because it wouldn't look this bad if that was the case.

Akhi: *sigh* Aaron called me just now. Sa inis ko, naibato ko ang phone ko.

Cherry: Ang kapal talaga ng mukha ng lalaking yun! Nang gigigil ako! What did he tell you?

Akhi: Oh he was trying to annoy me. He even asked me out!

Cherry: That pr*ck!!! Wait, you said he asked you out? To where exactly?

Akhi: Um... Cat's Eyes Cafe... Ba't mo natanong?

Cherry: I've got an idea.

She hurriedly picked up her phone from her purse and then dialed Mackhoy's number.


Mackhoy: *over the phone* Hello cuz?

Cherry: Tell me you're not busy this afternoon.

Mackhoy: Well, actually I have to go somewhere.

Cherry: Insan naman! This is important!

Mackhoy: Huh? I suppose I could cancel kung anu man lakad ko. What is so important about this afternoon?

Cherry: Listen, Aaron is gonna be at Cat's Eyes Cafe this afternoon. That stupid guy asked Akhi out. Of course hindi ako papayag na makipag kita sya don. So we're just going to confirm that he's coming but he won't, and while he waits, that's where you come right in.

Mackhoy: Huh? Anung gagawin ko?

Cherry: Nako! Ikaw na bahala. You're good at this. Let's just make sure na mauuna ka sa kanya.

Mackhoy: *sigh* Okay. I'll see what I can do.

Cherry: Great! You're the best cuz!

Mackhoy: leave me alone Che. Goodbye.

Then he hung up.

Akhi: Anung ibig sabihin nito? Why is Mac involved in this?

Cherry: Trust me bessy, we've got his. Tuturuan ko lang ng leksyon yang si Aaron.

Akhi: Although I am scared of your methods, I'm still glad that you're my bestfriend and you've always got my back.

Cherry: Syempre naman. Teka, may nangangamoy sunog?

Akhi: Oh my gosh! Yung niluluto ko!

Then I had to cook breakfast all over again kase nasunog yung una kong niluto.




*Later that afternoon at Cat's Eyes Cafe*

Mackhoy arrived at the cafe about an hour and a half ago. He's cleaned up pretty good and looking so handsome. Naghihintay lang sya na dumating si Aaron. Few minutes later, Aaron arrived.

Luckily, he sat at a table for two, just across Mac's but he didn't notice him. So Mac has a clear view of Aaron. As he ordered and was left alone, Mac deliberately stared at him in a seductive way. Suddenly Aaron was feeling uncomfortable knowing that there's someone staring at him. So nainis sya and he stared back. Tiningnan nyang mabuti si Mac and then he remembered who he was. He stood up and approached him.

Aaron: Why the hell are you staring at me?

Mac: Oh sorry. I just like what I see.

Aaron: I don't buy that. As far as I can remember, you are Cherry's cousin!

Mac: Oh you remember? I'm flattered.

Aaron: Did she send you here?!

Mac: What? Of course not! I've been here since two hours ago just spending my time hanging out. Then I saw you, and you're looking really good.

Then Aaron noticed that Mac is looking so handsome today. He suddenly felt strange. He relaxed and sat at an empty chair across Mac's table.

Aaron: Don't pretend like you don't know what happened to Akhi and Gab and what I did to your cousin.

Mac: I am not, and I won't. But you know, I have my own life to worry about. Sure I care about them but my world doesn't revolve around their lives and I hate drama.

Aaron: Oh really?

Mac: Really. So, are you waiting for someone?

Aaron examined Mac, then he was convinced that Mac doesn't know anything about him meeting up with me so he lied.

Aaron: No. I just came here to have some coffee and clear up my mind.

Mackhoy: I see. Well if that's the case, just join me. It wouldn't hurt would it?

Aaron: Thanks but I prefer to be alone right now.

Mackhoy: Okay. Suit yourself.

Aaron came back to his table then few minutes later, dumating na ang order nya. He waited and waited for about 30 minutes pero I still wasn't there. Then he figured out that I won't be showing up. Maya maya pa, he looked back at Mac who occasionally stares at him. Then he thought to himself, "It wouldn't hurt to have some company would it?" So lumapit sya ulit sa table ni Mac at naupo.

Mac: I see you've changed your mind.

Aaron: Well you've been staring at me for the last 30 minutes and besides, you look like you need some company.

Mac: Oh that I do and a handsome one at that.

Aaron blushed at Mac's remark.

Aaron: Are you flirting with me?

Mac: Well what if I am?

Aaron: I'm not easy and I like someone else. You do know kung sino ang tinutukoy ko, don't you?

Mac: I don't care. Hindi naman kayo diba? I still have a chance.

Aaron: Oh you really think so?

Mac: I'd give it a shot I mean, I wouldn't pass the chance especially when you're looking like that.

Then Mac reached out for Aaron's hand and held it. Then Aaron felt something like a connection between the two of them. It's strange yet somehow it feels so good. But then he snapped out of it and quickly pulled his hand back.

Aaron: You think you're so smooth huh?

Mac: I think you do too, I mean you just stared blankly at me for a moment there.

Aaron: Don't flatter yourself.

Mac: Haha okay I get it. You're "hard to get".

Aaron: I'm not playing hard to get.

Mac: Well kahit ganun pa man, I've decided I'm going to pursue you.

Nagkatitigan silang dalawa and it lasted for a few minutes then suddenly Aaron stood up.

Aaron: I've gotta go.

Mac: already?

Aaron: marami pa akong gagawin.

Mac: Wait! How about you give me your number?

Aaron: Hand me your phone.

Mac gave him his phone then Aaron typed in his number then he called it and his phone was ringing.

Aaron: There. Happy?

Mac: Ecstatic.

Then Aaron turned and walked away

Mac: Well I'd be seeing you again right?

Aaron smiled to himself and then he answered

Aaron: Don't count on it.

Then he left. Mac whispered to himself

Mac: Talaga lang? Don't count on it? But he gave me his number. Tss! Pero ang gwapo din pala talaga ni Aaron.

Then few minutes later all he could think about is Aaron.

Mac: What the hell is going on with me? I gotta focus! This one is for Cherry and Akhi. I shouldn't get so caught up in it. Then he finished his coffee and headed home.

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