Confused in Love Three (Part 8)

By: Akhi Ryu Go

Evil Intentions

I woke up this morning feeling so happy that Gab and I are reconciled. As usual I'm always the first to wake up so I get to enjoy the view of Gab sleeping like a child.

As I look closely to his face, I feel so lucky to be beside him. I mean he's so handsome that sometimes I skip a breath just by the sight of him. I also feel lucky that he's just as in love as I am with him right now. I touched his eyes with my finger, down to his nose and then to his lips. Then I kissed him gently which woke him up.

Gab: Almost 2 years of being together and you still couldn't wait for me to wake up for you to do that?

He smiled faintly

Akhi: Well as your boyfriend I have every right to do that and even more.

Gab: Gosh! I hate that word when it refers to you. Can we just pretend that you're a woman and stop calling yourself as my boyfriend? Maybe girlfriend instead?

Akhi: Hahaha well well well... Good morning to you too.

Gab: Hey! I am serious here.

I smiled at him, kissed his lips and said

Akhi: Whatever you want my prince.

Then I stared into his eyes lovingly and said

Akhi: I love you Gab.

Gab: I love you even more, Akhi.

Akhi: Come on let's get out of bed. Kailangan na nating mag breakfast because it's already 7am.

Usually we sleep together wearing underwears only pero ngayon natulog sya na naka jogging pants and shirt.

Gab: I don't wanna get out of bed. I feel a bit dizzy and cold. Let's cuddle some more.

Pagyakap ko kay Gab naramdaman ko he's body is super hot. I mean literally.

Akhi: OMG Gab are you sick? You're burning.

Gab: I don't know. Nanghihina ako. Naubos mo yata lakas ko kagabi.

Akhi: Aba? May gana pang magbiro eh nilalagnat ka na nga?

I reached for the desk beside our bed just by the window para kumuha ng thermometer. Nilagay ko sa bibig nya and then after a while took it para makita ang result.

Akhi: Oh gosh. you do have a fever.

Gab: Kaya pala ang sama ng pakiramdam ko.

Akhi: Well at least you've got me to take care of you.

Gab: Yeay! Mommy.

Akhi: Haha okay I'll be your mommy for today. Magluluto lang ako ng makakain at dito ka lang. Dadalhan nalang kita ng breakfast okay?

I kissed him on his forehead then headed outside para magluto ng soup at breakfast narin nila Rocel and Harold.

Gab: Love you mommy!

At the kitchen

Rocel: Oh? We're gonna have soup for breakfast?

Akhi: Oh no. This is for Gab. He's having a fever.

Rocel: I see. So anung feeling?

Akhi: Ha? Nang alin?

Rocel: Feeling na parang inaalagaan ang may sakit mong asawa?

She was teasing me so I thought of a comeback.

Akhi: Same lang sa feeling mo.

Rocel: Feeling ko?

Akhi: Oo. Yung parang nagliligawan palang kayo ng asawa mo. I mean like a newly wedded couple parang kayo ni Harold.

Then we noticed that Harold was already in the kitchen while we were talking because he laughed a bit hearing that from me.

Harold: Haha morning guys.

Napatingin si Rocel kay Harold then she glared at me.

Rocel: Akhi that wasn't funny!

Akhi: It wasn't meant to be. I think the thought of it is so sweet.

She blushed and then she cleared her throat.

Rocel: Ahem! Well let's just change the subject. Have you talked to Cherry yesterday?

Akhi: Nope. I mean she wasn't answering my messages. I thought she was busy so I didn't call.

Rocel: *sigh* She probably didn't want to bother you this time kase hindi pa nya alam na nagkabati na kayo ni Gab.

Akhi: Why? What's wrong?

Rocel: Nag away silang dalawa ni James. She asked me to come over yesterday and I did. Pagdating ko umiiyak na sya.

Akhi: OMG! Anung nangyari?

Rocel: You know it would be best if you come over to her place. Kaso you've got a sick patient to attend to so I guess you should at least give her a call.

Akhi: That I'll do just as soon as I am done with this.

Pagkatapos kong magluto, I brought our breakfast to the room para sabay na kami ni Gab kumain doon.

Akhi: Hey Gab you've gotta sit up straight.

Gab: Call me daddy first.

Akhi: Gab? Come on. Wag nang makulit.

Gab: No I won't sit up unless you call me daddy.

Akhi: *sigh* Nagkasakit ka lang para ka nang bata jan. Sige na nga. Sit up straight na daddy! Mommy is gonna feed you.

Gab: Mommy is gonna feed me with what?

He sat up and grinned mischievously.

Akhi: Oh come on Gab. You're making me think that you're not sick. Just horny.

Gab: What if I am? Hahaha

Akhi: Don't even go there. Kailangan mong magpagaling muna. Then mommy will take care of daddy's appetite down there.

Gab: Hahaha Alright then I'm gonna recover real quick.

Akhi: We'll see.

Then we started having breakfast. Sinusubuan ko sya then sumusubo din ako after him. After we finished I said

Akhi: Okay Daddy. I'm just gonna go to the pharmacy para bumili ng gamot mo.

Gab: You've gotta buy the most effective medicine so I could heal quickly and you can do what you promised.

Akhi: Gab?! You're still thinking about that?

Gab: Well I am just man. I am weak and vulnerable.

Then he threw himself on the bed, clasped his chest and feigned sexual harassment.

Akhi: Haha *sarcastic laugh* Okay daddy 'yo enough with the drama. I've gotta go now.

Gab: Kiss ko muna mommy.

Akhi: *Chuckle* Okay okay.

Then I kissed him before getting out of the room.

Akhi: Love you! I'll be back in a bit.

I went to a nearby pharmacy and after I bought the medicine I sat in a bench just right outside. I called Cherry over the phone.


Cherry: Hello bessy...

I can tell from her voice that she's been crying.

Akhi: Bessy I heard from Rocel...

Cherry: *Sniff* *sniff*

Akhi: Are you crying? Tell me what happened.

Then she filled me in on everything.

Akhi: Gosh! I'm so sorry to hear that. I thought you were just busy yesterday so I didn't call you.

Cherry: It's alright. At least you took the time to give me a call. Rocel told me that Gab is sick.

Akhi: Yes he is. I'm taking care of him. If he wasn't sick at all I would've been there.

Cherry: I understand. You can come tomorrow.

Akhi: Anyway are you in James' House or yours?

Cherry: Andito ako sa bahay ko. I left after we had a fight.

Akhi: Okay sige pupuntahan kita tomorrow. For the mean time, please don't do anything rash. Okay?

Cherry: I'll try not to.

Akhi: Okay bessy love ya! I gotta bring this medicine back home na at parang bata si Gab ngayon. Take care.

Cherry: Love you too bessy. Bye.

Pagkabalik ko I went straight to our room at pinainom ko na ng gamot si Gab. He slept right after and I prepared lunch and then sa kwarto ulit kami kumain.

After lunch

Akhi: This extra day off was just right. I get to take care of my sick daddy.

Gab: Mommy giniginaw ako. Tabihan mo muna ako. Hug me. I need your warmth.

Akhi: Hahaha para ka talagang bata.

Then I joined him in bed and hugged him until he falls asleep. He was slightly shivering. He is feeling cold. Nakatulog na kami pareho habang magkayakap.

It was 5 in the afternoon. I woke up because my phone was ringing. Before I answered, chineck ko muna noo ni Gab. His fever was subsiding. Then I looked at my phone. It was Aaron calling. As I answered

Aaron: Hi there. How's you're extra day off?

Akhi: Well tama ang timing ng day off na ito at kinailangan ko alagaan si Gab because he's sick.

Aaron: Oh so sad to hear that. Is he asleep?

Akhi: Yes he is.

Aaron: Well since he is asleep, wanna have a date?

Akhi: Aaron, why do you still have to be an 'F'n d*ck in this situation?

Aaron: Hahaha hey I was just kidding. You need to come over dito sa restaurant. I've got some important matters to discus.

Akhi: Is it really that important?

Aaron: Yes. Kind of like an emergency.

Akhi: *sigh* Okay. What time should I be there?

Aaron: About 6:30 pm.

Akhi: Okay.

Aaron: See you babe. Muah!

Akhi: Stop that Aaron! This better be important talaga! Ayoko nang niloloko ako.

Then I hung up before he could say anymore. I looked at Gab and he's still fast asleep. So I went outside, took a bath and then came back to the room and changed. Suddenly Gab woke up.

Gab: Hey mommy, where are you going?

Akhi: I'm going to Cherry's place. She's got a serious problem right now and I really need to talk to her.

Gab: Oh I see.

I lied to Gab kase ayokong mag isip pa sya ng kung ano ano kapag nalaman nyang makikipagkita ako kay Aaron and if he knew, baka pilitin nyang bumangon at samahan ako papuntang resto given their history. Ayaw nyang napapalapit sakin si Aaron. I was thinking that I will be back naman right away just as soon as we're done. After kong magbihis, lumapit ako kay Gab and then kissed him.

Akhi: I won't be long daddy. Magpagaling ka lang po dyan.

Gab: Okay mommy. I love you.

Akhi: I love you too.

We kissed goodbye then I headed outside.

At the restaurant

As I entered I saw Aaron sitting at one of the tables for two, looking all dressed up wearing a suit. I was so dissapointed. There was music and I saw some food and there were candles and it was a romantic setup. sa galit ko, dali-dali akong lumapit sa kanya. I took a glass of water that's on the table and then splashed the content into his face.

Akhi: Seriously?! Were you just messing with me when you said that this is important?!

He wiped his face with a table napkin and then he spoke obviously trying to calm himself

Aaron: Relax... I am going to discus business with you.

Akhi: Then what's with all these romantic show?!

Aaron: Well can't I try to impress you? I mean you know how much I desire you.

I just glared at him for a moment then I said

Akhi: Well then speak up! I don't have much time.

Aaron: Would you at least take a seat before we talk? I am still your boss remember?

Hindi ako makasagot sa sinabi nya so I just glared at him while I was sitting on the chair at the other side.

Aaron: Much better.

Akhi: Now speak up.

Aaron: There's no rush Akhi. Let's have a drink first.

He gestured for me to pick up the wine glass and drink on it.

Aaron: Cheers!

I took it and intended to finish it up in one go. As I did, he was staring straight at me like he was waiting for me to finish it all up. He started the discussion about the changes that's gonna be implemented sa staff at sa menu ng resto. Maya maya pa I was feeling funny. Nanghihina ako at nahihilo at parang nag iinit ang katawan ko and I was losing myself. I'm staring at his lips while we were talking and I'm getting an intense desire to just kiss it. I was suddenly feeling lust.

Aaron: What's wrong Akhi? Nanghihina ka ba?

Akhi: *speaking weakly* you managed to dose me?

Aaron: I would never. Come with me to the office. Mukhang kailangan mong magpahinga muna.

I couldn't protest I mean I was already losing it. Inalalayan nya ako papunta sa office. As we entered

Aaron: Dyan ka muna Akhi. Pahinga ka saglit. babalik ako in a bit.

Humiga lang ako sa sofa in the office then he went outside.

Aaron: *Speaking to himself* Everything is going according to plan.

I woke up this morning feeling so happy that Gab and I are reconciled. As usual I'm always the first to wake up so I get to enjoy the view of Gab sleeping like a child.

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