The Most Popular Guy in School

By: R. Blanco I lost my virginity to the most popular guy in school It happened on his birthday party, when he invited the whole campu...

By: R. Blanco

I lost my virginity to the most popular guy in school

It happened on his birthday party, when he invited the whole campus to his house, which is pretty typical of him since he lives in a literal mansion. I wasn’t really going to attend, but my friends insisted. They do not know about this, not one bit, and I do not want to tell them about it.

It is not exactly a very memorable moment for me, it’s weird because I never knew that the most popular guy in school is gay. Both of us were drunk, but we consented. The moment happened in his own bedroom when everybody was either wasted or fast asleep.

When we arrived at six in the evening, we were just chilling with some other classmates and casually drinking from our red cups. There was karaoke, the pool, and the nonstop dancing with loud music blaring from expensive speakers. There were like more than 50 people in the vicinity.

He didn't really talk to me until later in the afterparty, let's call him Brett. He's a senior (19), and I'm a junior (18), he's the school's volleyball captain and a pretty skilled one I can tell you that. High profile parents–which explains the mansion and a very delicate reputation. Whispers around the school tells me he's a playboy, going with lots of girls but never really stuck for too long.

His huge secret was only known by me, call me Sian. I'm just a bookworm nerd, but I never let myself get bullied. I'm out to my parents and friends, but I don't show it to my peers in school. Being gay in school is like placing a red target on your back. Apparently, homophobia hasn’t stopped producing imbeciles through the years.

This is my story. This is the story of how I lost my virginity to Brett–the most popular guy in school.

It was just an average house party, with lots of beer and liquor lining the tables, some occasional smoking of cannabis at the corners and some keg-chugging frat guys circling around willing to take hold of victims to drink from a disease-laced tube. I quickly lost my friends after fifteen minutes of mingling, and to be honest I was surprised with myself to be actually mingling since I'm not the type to be attending functions like this. I rarely talk to girls, but I met an actual fun person to be with at a party, her name's Kelsey.

Turns out, Kelsey is Brett’'s older sister. She said she never struck me as a sociable person so she held me under her wing. It didn't offend me because it's true, plus she is really fun to be with. I never knew about her relationship with Brett until later when she invited me to the afterparty.

I met several of his teammates once I was pulled by Kelsey's seemingly unending charm. They were all surprisingly straight and lame, lame to the point where they all had fun by physically assaulting each other. They ignored me all night, but one of them talked to me, his name's Kyle, and he's kind of a weird one. He kept talking about anarchy and how the system is rigged from the start.

When midnight struck, most of the party-goers trickled down to about 50%, with the 30% being passed-out gals and dudes, and with the remaining percentage still wandering around; snacking, tripping, vomiting, or hooking up. That grossed the shit out of me which led me to walk to another part of the house where there's not much people around. I actually caught one of my best friends making out with somebody, but I can't fully remember with whom because my head is focusing on not passing out. I drank a lot by the time I wanted to sing at the karaoke. I got a compliment from Kyle and Kelsey that I have a gorgeous voice and that I should sing more that resulted with me drinking a half bottle of rum then singing a Taylor Swift song as far as I can remember.

I ended up inside a small library, untouched by the chaos outside, and shockingly, no one's hooking up as I perused the corners. The whole visual of books orbiting around me makes my head hurt, so I stumbled and fell on the floor and to my surprise, it was a very soft fall. Until I realize I landed on a person. They were lying face down and I heard a pained grunt when I touched down on their ass.

I asked them something stupid like why the hell were they lying around the floor, there was no response, and due to my tiredness, I did not get up from my seat. I heard them say "get off me," but I pretended I didn't hear them. They muttered a cuss under their breath and strongly curved their ass just to take me off of them, and I fell face first on the carpeted floor.

I was woken by Kelsey, and apparently I was knocked out for a solid 15 minutes. The person I stumbled upon was gone, and I didn't even catch a glimpse of their identity. My headache was on its peak and I felt like my eyes turned into a kaleidoscope. There were 10 pieces of Kelsey's face in my line of vision, and I can sense that Kyle was also there.

I can't remember if I vomited on the spot then passed out, or I passed out then vomited, or maybe I did both at the same time. Either way, Kelsey and Brett are in big trouble for ruining their parents' library's carpet, but I remember they're rich so it's not that big of a deal.

My newly found acquaintances put me on a sofa in the living room. I think I was whining about my state, and laughing silly because of the liquor's effect. They made me drink lots of water so I don't get dehydrated. I even heard Kyle say I look like shit. When my bladders were crying out loud–there were lots of trips to the toilet, with Kyle assisting me. Here's the weird thing about Kyle, he is unbelievably silent whenever I get the chance to talk to him; he never utters a word to me when I ask him a decent question. I asked him about the person I stumbled upon at the library but he didn't budge, it's like he's an automaton that suddenly can't talk or something.

I asked Kelsey instead, she said it was Brett, which got me shaken a little and apologized that I accidentally fell on him while he was lying passed out on the floor. I looked around and there he was just at the far side of the sofa just two feet away from me, also leaning on the armrest because of a headache. Kelsey told me that I said he has a soft butt which made her laugh. I don't remember what I said, my state of mind was woozy.

Me and Kelsey became friends after that night; however, I didn't mention to her that I also had a steamy, homosexual encounter with her brother that same night. I cringe just thinking about telling her that her brother fucked me in the ass while we were both at the brink of passing out. I don't plan to tell this secret to my friends, not even my bestest of friends. They won't take it fairly. So, I'm sharing this with you, stranger from whichever this gets published. The names, of course, were strictly altered if you ever had a chance to post this on other sites in the magical world of the internet.

You're probably wondering how we did it. It wasn't that easy, because I wasn't even planning on losing my V card at a house party. I didn't even know how my stomach held it without douching, yes I researched about it. I can't even remember if we used a condom, so I'm also going to get checked.

I messaged him about it on a certain messaging app. He just said "Don't tell anybody or I'll kill you." I told him to pay for my consultation to which he replied with a middle finger emoji, and said he's clean and that I was his first, too. The latter left me flabbergasted then relieved.

When Kelsey took off my shirt and put on some red pajamas, she told me to go to her brother's room to rest there. I complained about it, but she insisted and called Kyle to take me upstairs. I had no choice after that, then found myself lying down on Brett's king-sized bed. I wasn't expecting it to smell fragrant, it smells like mint and lemon inside his room. Kyle took off my shoes and socks and settled it neatly at the corner by a small bureau, I knew because I found it there later on.

I slept for an hour and a half, so I thought. I was still wearing my watch. My snooze was disturbed by a loud thud of the door, then I saw a muscular guy's figure in the frame. He exclaimed a "what the fuck" then sat down on the bed to take off his shoes and lied down next to me. He asked me to get out, and I responded that his sister told me to sleep there.

Brett did not speak again after I said that, and only exhaled a deep sigh. He then told me a few minutes later that I should go once I feel better. I think I said okay.

Brett is a big guy full of muscle, his shirt's sleeves looked like they were all about to pop because of his biceps, or his clothes were just too small for him. Either way, he looks attractive enough to make any person attracted to him till they drool their mouths off. He has brown skin, and I think he's of Asian descent because of his eyes and nose. I didn't notice the similarities between him and Kelsey till that night.

I caught myself staring at him while he's sleeping and maybe he felt it too because he took a glance at me a second later. "I can't sleep," he opened.

"Me, too," which is true. Something is bothering me, or maybe I have a case of homesickness. I cannot sleep again after his arrival.

"I don't really know you," he rolled to face me. "Who are you, stranger?"

Oh, right, we never really met formally. "My name's Sian," I said.

"You're the guy who protested about the school library's book policy, right? I remember you." That's another story to be told some time. "You were a badass."

I scoffed. "What makes you say that?"

"You fought for what you believed in and made it happen," from my peripheral, I can see him smiling. "That was a moment."

"Didn't know I stumbled upon a motivational seminar, I would hop out but I'm too wasted to stand."

"That would be a relief," he snarked. "I don't like strangers in my bedroom, let alone in my bed."

"Like you've never had hookups here."

"My bed is sacred."

I blew raspberries. "What are you, a Buddhist? You're still not getting me out of this bed."

"I’m actually pretty conservative," he laughed awkwardly.

"Oh," I felt my blood flush into my cheeks. "Sorry."

He laughed out loud. "I'm kidding, I’m an agnostic."

"And I'm gay," I spit out nonchalantly. Then I caught myself.

"Really, you don't say?" he sarcastically said. "But as far as I know, that's not a religion."

"That's what they want you to think."

It makes me feel elated that I have revealed my sexual orientation to Brett Warren - the most popular guy in school.

The conversation just went on, and I thought he was going to commit a hate crime after I said that. He was just chill with it. I have no idea why I said that to him, maybe my drunk self was trying to catch a reaction from him because I was… bored? It doesn't matter, he seemed interested after a few minutes of silence.

"For how long?" He kept on asking me such personal questions about it, even reaching to the point of how many guys I've dated. I answered them quite drunkenly and recklessly, it never occurred to me that he might remember all of what I shared with him the next day.

We were talking for about 10 minutes when he felt the urge to pee, and to my surprise, he can actually walk straight towards the door. He even offered to help me if I have to piss, too. I didn't realize this until tomorrow morning that he was practically half-drunk the entire time.

When he returned, his questions became more curious, more intimate. It boiled down to a conversation about sex, of course. Our exchange made me feel things. I never thought I'd become horny at that time, it seemed he was seducing me, but I'm guilty myself for entertaining his questions and giving him the signal by willingly exposing myself to him.

He told me that he never did it with his past girlfriends, and that they only cuddled and dated, never got past second base. He felt that he can't get turned on by them, but he liked kissing them passionately, though they all tried to get under his pants but he didn't pursue. He then asked me if there was something wrong with him.

"I wish I could answer that," I said. "Maybe your conservative ass just believes in sex after marriage." I chuckled. That was a lame excuse in denying that he's practically completely showing me the green light.

Silence again. I stared at the ceiling, not at him anymore, I felt like it's getting weird. I can tell that he was staring at the ceiling too; I can see him from the corner of my eye. I knew there was a meaning from his question, nothing was wrong with him, or was it a rhetorical question to tell me that maybe we're the same? This conversation with him sparked so many feelings, I don't know how to validate which is which.

"I need to pee," I said and tried to stand up, but my headache got the best of me and fell on the bed again. He offered help, to which I have no choice but to accept, because my bladder is about to explode. He took me to his bathroom, it was big and could fit about five people inside with enough more space. It has a bathtub and is complete with a hundred different toiletries, it's like I'm in a hotel's bathroom. "Your bathroom's so huge," I said in awe.

He joked about something else being huge which made my mind raise so many questions, and my body with so many feelings of horniness... and it showed while I was taking a piss. I tried to hide it from him, because he was too close to me helping me with my balance because it seemed my head was getting heavy and I might collapse. "No need to hide it, I can still see it."

His voice turned into some kind of erotic music to my ears. He was seducing me, and I was right. We fell down on his bed in a matter of milliseconds, I never bothered to pull up my pants and underwear up after I peed and let it slip down as I climbed to his body. We were on the same page, he was returning the kisses, along with his tongue as well.

I know for sure I was the one who threw my lips to his, though he didn't flinch or refuse, it's like he knew this was coming. Like it's all planned from the beginning.

Before all of this, I've watched so many pornos my entire life. I know some of it were unrealistic, but they're still all about fucking nonetheless. All my knowledge about sex came from the internet, magazines, video games, television, or from movies. All of them banded together to form my actions tonight with this popular jock named Brett. No one's greater at sex than a person with experience they say, but from what I can hear from the guy I'm torridly kissing right now, he seems to like what I'm doing.

My silk pants flew away from my legs as we went, leaving my underwear to dangle towards my ankles so I pushed them away by my feet. I'm basically naked from the waist down and it's kind of uncomfortable because his jeans were too rough. So, I paused, I looked at him for a good second and unbuttoned his flannel shirt down to where I could open him like a book. His body was phenomenal when I opened his shirt, it's like it's sculpted for and by the gods.

I touched it; I couldn't help myself. It begs to be touched, oh in every gods' name, he was so hot. For the record, he wasn't my type, but I'm touching myself as I'm typing this. Brett is the type of guy that you will be willing to submit to because of his features, you won't be able to help yourself.

He has a sly smile on his face as I caress his chest. My hands moved down to his waist and I tugged on his belt on a mission to take it off. The feeling of lightheadedness was replaced with lust, as if I forced myself to forget about it. I found it inconveniently difficult to disassemble his belt, so he helped. I was worried about the momentum, hence I kissed him once again, deeper and harder.

I can feel his hands slither towards my loin, sliding against my ass. I let out a soft moan as he played in between my two cheeks. But I wasn't ready yet, so I pulled down his pants till all I could see were his boxers. They were colored green, and something was peeking through the slits.

When I tell you I am a virgin, I literally don't have any experience with anything remotely sexual with someone, not even with my ex who I only dated for the sake of getting a one-up with my best friend who's also gay, and for your information, he's the one who broke up with me. I've never given someone a blowjob before, and it looks like Brett is waiting for me to shove it inside my mouth because of our position.

His dick was shiny, with a pinkish head that's salivating with pre-ejaculation, isn't he too excited? From what I can estimate, he's at least a six-incher with a blessed amount of girth, it's curved upward as I took a good look by taking off his boxers, so now we're even.

"Are you gonna suck it or just stare at it all night?"

I smiled. I checked his marvelous looking clock above his bed's headboard. It's almost two in the morning. "Night's passed, Brett," I coyly remarked.

"Oh, my mistake," he bit his lip then pulled me to him and kissed me again. His left hand was pushing my head onto his while his right kept on playing with my ass as we exchanged our kisses. After a beat, he stopped and told me: "Suck me, please."

I felt nervous after he said that and just kissed him again. There were so many questions and worries in my mind that were spinning, asking 'what ifs' and 'hows,' will I get it right or wrong?

Just as I was about to excuse myself, I remembered I could talk to him about it, this was so stupid of me. I just have to say it sensually so as to not disturb the mood. Well, I failed at that because he couldn't believe I was a virgin when I told him. But he wasn't totally bothered about it, he seemed to like it that he'll be the first for me. "Well, let me take you for a ride, then," he said. I can't tell if he was being boastful.

He proceeds to pin me down, so now I'm the one who's underneath him. He didn't go for my lips, and went for my neck instead, which gave me tickles that left me letting out a combination of chuckles and a pleasured moan. As he went down, licking both of my nipples then lending his mouth to my stomach, the sense of nervousness came drawing back. I've been hard for a while now, and every second of him going down, I can't help but feel insecure about my penis.

It wasn't as big as his, and I'm worried my pubes may turn him off because I didn't shave this week. He was all clean when I saw him.

He proved my insecurities wrong when he began to put it in his mouth. The sensation tickles, I almost pushed him away. Every little hairs on my back went haywire when he got deeper. I muttered a small "fuck" in response, he popped his head up to me and asked me if he should keep going. I said yes.

As he does it, his arm reaches out to my chest and squeezes the right side, pinching my nipple. It seemed his tongue became so long it curled all around me, he let his mouth drip on it with saliva and then sucking it down that made me thrust in response. The nervousness of insecurities was finally replaced with the nervousness of coming too early that I won't be able to get him to enjoy, I quickly pushed him up and pulled him to me and we kissed again.

He stops and takes off his opened flannel shirt, then he undoes every button on my red pajama, then pulls up my white tank top underneath. We were both naked as he nibbled on my neck. He was thrusting his hips and I felt his erection's impact on my thigh.

His mouth went to my right ear, and his tongue touched it, then followed by a small bite on its helix. I never knew how much erotic it was to be licked in the ear. My head went down on his skin and my mouth bit his shoulder softly, he grunted in response and whispered a warning not to leave a mark.

"Are you ready?" he finally asked. I nodded yes, and he kissed me again. He trailed down my chin, my neck, until he sat upright leaving me lying down on the bed. He reaches from his drawers and reveals from his hand a sachet of a condom.

He opens it after putting pillows below me to level me up. He then wrapped his hard cock with the rubber and proceeded to kiss me again. From what I can process in my brain, I am terrified with what's to come.

He pulled out something else from the drawer - a bottle of lube. He squirted a fair amount and rubbed it onto my hole, his fingers gently pushing inside as I moaned. He poured some on his dick too, motioning his hands in an up and down action as if jerking off. I inhaled a deep breath.

"Don't worry, I'll be gentle," he gave me an assuring smile. "Tell me if it hurts, okay?"

I just nodded. It's like I'm out of words because of the fear I'm feeling.

I felt his tip wiggling on me... then slowly it was partially inside. The lube really helped, until I almost yelped because of the pain when he's about to get fully inside me. My two hands gripped on his arm hard and he immediately receded. "I'm sorry," I told him.

"No, it was me," he said. "Should we take it slow?"

I'm the type of person who never backs down without a fight. I mentally tell myself that it's just a penis, it might break my asshole, but it won't break my soul. "No, let's do this."

"Maybe we should try a different position," he said. "Mind if you take it from the back?"

"Like... doggy style?" I awkwardly asked.

A laugh snuck out from his nose. "Yeah, that."

I positioned myself as such, then I heard him fussing a curse word, then asked politely if he could take a taste of me, which I gave consent to, and a moment later I felt the huge amount of euphoria as his tongue threshed its way to my hole. "You sure this isn't your first time with a guy?"

"That's confidential," he said. His tongue was pushing inside of me as he kept on rimming me. I let out a breathy gasp as he bit one of my cheeks. "I'm sure no one will try to look at your naked ass."

My head went up and I can feel my face going red. He left a mark on my ass. I didn't mind it. "I think I'm ready now," I said firmly.

"Pleasure is mine," he replies as he pulls me near him by the thighs. "Who knew a nerd like you could be so damn sexy?"

I don't have a degradation kink, but the way he said it made me even more aroused. I can remember fondling my hard cock during that time. I tried to take a peek at what he's doing, and saw that he's pouring lube all over his fingers.

A large amount of air came out of my mouth as I prepared myself for what's to come. His finger was in my hole, it squirmed ever so gently, and slowly he slid it inside. My head went down to the bed with my ass still up as he fingers me with one finger... then two. Massaging me with all his might.

He lets out a moan when I clenched, and tells me that he likes it tighter. I clenched again and he moaned even louder. A moment passed and his fingers exited. I hear him jerking his cock, then he lays it on my tailbone. The feeling of terror stops as he positioned the tip towards me, I told him I want it inside me now.

I told myself to relax and let it in, and it did. He was huge, and my mind flows with cathartic thoughts. Brett is inside of me.

His body fell to me softly as he thrust his hips gently. His lips were on my ear, and I could hear every aroused air he's letting out. His left hand slithered its way to my chest and squeezed it tight. I felt like my eyes were going to see my brain from the pleasure.

The rhythm is quite calm and soothing. He knows how to do a guy. A knock inside of my mind thinks that this really isn't his first time. He raises me up by the neck and chest, he fills my shoulders with kisses and nibbles. Our position changed from doggy to where I am sitting on him while he's kneeling.

He told me he might get cramps, and asked me if I wanted to ride it. I told him yes, because I want to see him too. His dick formed a tiny pop of sound as it got out of me and an expletive came out of my mouth.

Brett's immaculate body lies on the bed. He's all for me. I kiss him again like he's going to disappear at any time. My hands were on his chest, thumbs playing on his nipples like analog sticks on a video game controller. His mouth is warm and inviting, and his tongue just keeps on invading. His hands stayed on my ass, playing with it.

His warm embrace fills me in. Every fluttering feeling perfumes the room and my mind with glee. I grabbed the lube from his bureau, spilled it in my hand and spread it all over his thickness. I slowly sat on it till it's inside once again.

Even in the dim light, I can picture his features clearly. The muscles on his shoulders flexed for me to see. It all felt glorious. I was gently bouncing up and down.

He grabbed me suddenly closer to his body and asked if he could go faster. I said yes and he thrusts his hip upwards till my moans go staccato with every in and out rhythm. My head was thrown in another dimension, every thrust hit me on the right spot.

I gasped loudly as his mouth found my nipples as he massages it with his tongue. He told me I have a beautiful chest, and I feel him biting it. I knew it left a mark too, and I did not give a flying damn.

"I feel it coming," he said to me, then asked where he would shoot it.

"You said I have a beautiful chest, right?"

After I said that, he held me and roughly laid me down on the bed, while still inside me. He fucked me faster than ever. His body glistening with sweat, and his wild eyes is all I can see. His right hand gripped my neck delicately, with his left pinning my arm. My other hand is jerking my own length.

Quick as a cat, he slipped off from inside me and took off the condom. His knees moved near my chest and face. I can see all his wholeness towering over me as he was stroking. He howls as warm liquid spilt on my chest, neck, and some on my face.

Lots of cursing came out of our mouths as his face fell to mine. Hot breaths enter my atmosphere. His lips torridly kisses mine as I feel myself coming too.

I shot my load, and it landed on his waist. We were both gasping for air. His face was buried in my neck.

Seconds later, he rolled to lie on the bed. From what I remember, he asked my name again and we both fell asleep.

That's how I lost my virginity with the most popular guy in school.



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