Confused in Love Five (Part 7)

Just Like The Movies Lorraine: I've a million things to worry about other than you Akhi. I'm not even gonna waste my time and ef...

Just Like The Movies

Lorraine: I've a million things to worry about other than you Akhi. I'm not even gonna waste my time and effort.

Lorraine is talking over the phone with me. She wouldn't agree to meet up and talk about what happened at the resort two days ago so I just confronted her over the phone. Thanks to Richard who still has her number.

Akhi: Talaga ba? Ikaw lang ang may reason at motibo to do such things to me.

Lorraine: It seems as though you have a long list of enemies you're unaware of. B*tch nakita mo ba ako anywhere near that resort?

Akhi: And did I ever see you when you sent Dianne and Victor to infiltrate DCC? Ugh! Right after they were done doing your bidding you hired other people once again.

She laughed at what I've just said. She was amused by the fact that I was oblivious about them being the same pawn she has.

Lorraine: I wouldn't go as far as to killing you, boy. I am not a criminal.

Akhi: Well I'm starting to doubt that. What happened to your "You don't know what I am capable of?" Was that all talk?

Lorraine: Well I just realized that you're so not worth my time dear.

Akhi: You're a big fat liar.

Lorraine: Do you really think I care if you believe me or not? *laughs* You don't know how little I think about you. Wala kang evidence to prove your claims so don't make such serious allegations. You're lucky I'm not that petty to pick up on this nonsense.

I hung up because I was too pissed to hear anymore of her words.

Cherry: Well, anong sabi nya?

Akhi: She denies it and as bad as it sounds, wala tayong ebidensya to back our claims.

Cherry: Wala naman tayong ibang pwedeng pagbintangan. Grrr! Nang gigigil ako!

Akhi: Wait, how about Dianne and Victor? Maybe we can get some information mula sa kanila.

Cherry: Oh those two? They were f*cking rude when they left DCC. I don't want to see their faces anymore.

Akhi: Well okay beshy.

Cherry: We have to keep an eye on you Akhi. Just for safety.

Akhi: Thanks besh and I'd be vigilant on my surroundings. Since nangangapa pa tayo sa dilim right now.

Richard enters the office in the middle of our conversation.

Richard: It's quite busy outside. Maraming tao today. What were you two discussing?

Cherry: Yung tungkol lang sa nangyari sa resort.

Our conversation wasn't really going anywhere near solutions so I just changed the topic.

Akhi: Anyway, why are you dressed up like that?

He was wearing navy blue coat and a faded pink checkered shirt inside that hugs his body and compliments his muscular physique and an ankle high kaki trousers paired with white loafers. He smells so great and manly with his perfume, but it wasn't the usual scent he always wore.

Richard: Well I am free today and I was wondering if you'd maybe wanna go out on a date?

Cherry chuckled as she leaned on the desk with her palm on her forehead and her attention was on the pen that her other hand is fiddling with. She shook her head on the thought na kahit meron kaming problemang kinakaharap, I still have this complicated lovelife that would distract me from all of that.

Akhi: Well...

I gave Cherry a look asking for what I should do. She just shrugged and looked back at me as if to say "It's up to you".

Cherry: I can take care of things here beshy. Just go if you want to. Sayang naman effort ni Richard magpagwapo if you're just gonna turn him down.

Well kung ganun I really didn't have much to do so I decided na sumama kay Richard since it was almost lunch time at medyo gutom narin ako.

Akhi: We could go find a place to eat something first, right?

Richard: *Chuckles* Well what's a date without food involved along the way? Come on let's go.

We said goodbye to Cherry then he held my hand and pulled me gently to follow him.

When we got into his car, it was very obvious that he's in a good mood. He noticed that I was staring at him so he shoot a playful wink before starting the engine and drive.




An hour later back at DCC, Miko paid a visit and brought some lunch for both of us. As he entered agad syang nakita ni Cherry who was just sitting on a couch in a corner and checking her social media account on her phone. Nilapitan sya agad nito.

Cherry: Hi Miko. What brings you here?

Miko scanned the place but couldn't find me.

Miko: Umm... *looking around* I was hoping to find Akhi. Andito ba sya?

Cherry: Ooooh... Sorry but they left an hour ago.

Miko: Where did he go? May kasama sya?

Cherry: Yeah. It's Richard.

Miko: Oh.

His face turned gloomy. Cherry saw the lunch Miko was carrying.

Cherry: Is that for him?

Miko: Yeah. I was hoping we could have lunch together.

Cherry: *sigh* Well, you could just leave it here and I'll give it to him later.

Miko:: Thanks Che! I appreciate it.

The way Miko called her Che was so familiar to her. It gave a different effect though. It pissed her off for some reason. Cherry asked the waiter to put the lunch in the office and just as Miko was about to leave

Cherry: Teka nga Miko. I think we need to talk.

She invited him back to the corner table for two where she was sitting a while ago.

Miko: What did you want to talk about?

Cherry: Do you like Akhi?

He was thinking "I don't just like him, I love him. I am his one and only Gab after all".

Miko: What if I do?

Cherry raised a brow and shoots him an appraising look.

Cherry: What if you do? Alam mo naman diba ang tungkol kay Gab?

"Of course I do. I am Gab". He thought to himself but he just gave a short reply.

Miko: Yes.

Cherry: Look, My bestfriend has been hurt so much before. Do you realize that your presence here only reminds him of the pain he suffered back then?

Her words were sharp. She obviously doesn't like Miko showing affection towards me. But that was only because she's looking after me.

Miko: I didn't mean to...

His voice trails of as he said those words. Cherry slammed her palm slightly on the table.

Cherry: Look, kung wala ka namang balak jowain ang bestfriend ko, wag mo syang paasahin at wag kang pa fall. Hindi ka nakakatulong.

Miko looked straight into her eyes as he said

Miko: Hindi ko sya pinapaasa. I do like him... Hell no, I love him and I'm gonna do everything just to be with him!

The words that came out of his mouth shocked Cherry. It felt exactly just like talking to Gab. Medyo nakaramdam sya ng takot. Then as if something struck her she said

Cherry: Wait... Are you...?

Miko noticed her reaction. He abruptly stood up to stop her from finishing her question.

Miko: I-I really have to go now.

He left in a hurry and Cherry's stare followed him. She thinks to herself "He's so much like Gab. If I didn't know Gab is dead I wouldn't see any difference at all. But... that's not possible"




Akhi: Hmmm... I am so full. That was quite a meal.

Richard just stares at me in amusement. Medyo naparami ang kain ko because I didn't really have breakfast.

When I saw him staring I felt embarrassed and I blushed.

Richard: You look so cute. Even when you eat.

Akhi: *awkward chuckle* Umm where do we go next?

Richard: How about the amusement park?

It's been so long since I've been there. Looking back, I didn't really have the reason to go when Gab died. I isolated myself between home and work.

Akhi: Well I guess that's okay.

Richard: Great! Let's go then.

He paid the bill and we went on our way.




Cindy was waiting on the living room and made sure that nobody else was there as she waited for Gab to come back home. He arrived a few minutes later.

Miko: Hi Cindy.

Cindy: Hi kuya Ga- I mean Miko. I need a favor.

Miko: Sure. ano yun?

Cindy: Since it's your birthday tomorrow, I want you to take me to visit his grave.

He was thinking "Oh yeah. Tomorrow's our birthday. I almost forgot."

Cindy: I wanted to go today instead of tomorrow kase I'm pretty sure kuya Akhi and the others will be paying him a visit... Or I mean supposedly paying you a visit.

There was a hint of bitterness on her tone.

Miko: *sigh* Okay Cindy. Magpapalit lang ako ng damit. Wait here.

He went to the room, got changed and went back.

Miko: Are you sure about this Cindy?

She closes her eyes, took a deep breath and opened them again as she replied:

Cindy: Yes I am ready for this.

They went out and took a taxi papunta sa cemetery where Miko's grave was.




As they both stood in silence on Miko's grave looking at the tombstone, Cindy couldn't hold back her tears knowing that the man she loved for all her life is burried underneath. She just closed her eyes crying in silence feeling that bitter and sorrowful pain in her chest. She started speaking.

Cindy: Kuya... Miko... I miss you so much alam mo yun? Why didn't you tell me or mom that you were going?

But deep down as the story goes, she knew he didn't really have the time to say goodbye. Maybe Miko intended to let them know about him leaving when he arrives at his destination. Madaling araw ang flight na yon so she figured he wouldn't want to disturb them sa pagtulog at malamang ay ipapaalam nalang nya in the morning.

Cindy: *sob* Kuya Miko... I miss you so much. I miss you every single day. I love you.

Gab also shed tears silently watching Cindy from behind. Those tears was for the loss of his brother.

Cindy: Kuya Miko... *sob* Pano ko sasabihin kay mama? *sheds more tears* Kuya pano?

She sat in front of the tombstone hugging her legs while she continues crying. Then as if on cue it started to rain. Gab was prepared and brought an umbrella. He opened it and held it over Cindy to keep the rain off her while he stood beside her being drenched.

Cindy: Kuya Miko... *sob* I wonder how it feels to be your girlfriend? *sob*

She shuts her eyes tightly squeezing out more tears as she continues sobbing and speaking.

Cindy: Siguro ang saya natin. Siguro we could have a big family. We could've had many wonderful memories together. *sob* I wonder how good it feels to be just in your arms when we're grey and old and looking at old photos of our adventures together.

She wiped her tears and opened her eyes again as she looked down at the tombstone. With a bitter smile she spoke:

Cindy: I guess I'm never gonna find out, am I? *sob* Wala ka na eh. *sob* Iniwan mo ko eh. Kala ko ba di mo ko pababayaan? *sob* Kala ko ba di mo ko iiwan?

It was so painful to watch her like that. Gab could just imagine how painful it is for her young heart to bear all of this and imagine me doing the same when the news broke a year ago of his fake death.

They stayed like that in silence for about an hour then the rain stopped. Cindy ran her hands through the tombstone and whispered "Happy Birthday Kuya Miko. I love you..." Then she stood up and invited Gab to go home.




At the amusement park

Richard held my hand as we walk through the amusement park. He wasn't afraid or seemed to care of what people might think of us. Dalawang lalaki na magka holding hands sa park. Mas conscious pa ako sa kanya. Naalala ko ulit si Gab. He was just like Richard. He never cared about what people are gonna think. In fact, Nag away pa kami noon dahil mas nahihiya pa ako sa mga tao kesa sa kanya. I guess that confidence came from them being secure of their own sexuality. I know even though they both like me that they never identify themselves as gay or bi. More like pansexual hence the reason they're confident to display affection towards me in public. He saw the roller coaster and looked at me.

Richard: Wanna ride that one?

I've never ridden the roller coaster in my life ever! Even just the thought of it terrifies me.

Akhi: Ayoko. Natatakot ako eh!

He held my hand close to his lips and kissed it before saying

Richard: Don't be scared Akhi. I'm here. Yumakap ka lang sakin kung di mo kaya.

I frowned at him..

Akhi: There it is. Kaya gusto mo dun kase para yakapin kita.

Richard: Well... here's hoping. *winks at me*

F*ck! That wink and smile was so cute that I couldn't open my mouth to decline. I swear in my peripheral vision I could see the people around us giving us strange looks. He suddenly pulled me into the ticket booth and then after that, we both got in the middle car. As expected when it started sobrang nakakatakot! As much as I didn't want to give Richard the satisfaction wala akong nagawa kungdi yakapin sya ng mahigpit sa takot ko. In the middle of the ride I felt him kiss my head for 3 seconds while his other hand clings on me. The rest of our time was pure fun and excitement. We tried different rides and had some snacks in between and took some selfies. It was almost night time at may isang ride nalang na hindi namin nasasakyan. The Ferris wheel. I kinda knew why he chose to ride it last because it's perfect to get some privacy. Sumakay kaming dalawa sitting across each other as the mobile started to move so slowly. We reached the top just in time for the sunset. It was absolutely beautiful and romantic. Like the ones you see in the movies. I was so busy looking at the scenery that I've only just noticed him gaze upon me. I was thinking "Was he looking at me the entire time?" Nahiya ako. I looked down on my hands that are rested on my lap.

Richard: I know nililigawan karin ni Miko. I can tell.

I looked up at him.

Richard: *sigh* I like you so much Akhi. Hindi ako titigil at magsasawang ligawan ka. I just hope na ako ang sagutin mo balang araw.

The sun has already sunk, and as the darkness embraced the sky, the fireworks set off and it illuminated his gorgeous face looking at me with so much affection. We just sat in silence for the rest of the ride. He just stared at me the whole time while I was enjoying the fireworks and the city lights.

I enjoyed the whole date together with Richard and it was time for us to go home. Hinatid nya ako pauwi ng bahay and pulled over infront. I said goodbye to him but before I could come out of his car he kissed me in the cheek.

Richard: See you tomorrow honey.

That made me blush. I waited for him to drive away before going inside and still feel hungover from all that kilig moments I've just experienced.


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Mencircle: Confused in Love Five (Part 7)
Confused in Love Five (Part 7)
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