Confused in Love Five (Part 4)

The Truth By: Akhi Sarah: Kuya, whatever you're going through, you can't just keep it all to yourself. Sarah is worried abou...

The Truth

By: Akhi

Sarah: Kuya, whatever you're going through, you can't just keep it all to yourself.

Sarah is worried about his brother Richard na lagi nalang wala sa sarili lately. Hindi na sya umuuwi sa sarili nyang bahay because he says he doesn't wanna be alone. But whenever he is in her space he barely talked at all.

Richard: *he sighs as he slumps on the couch* It's complicated sis.

When these two are together they are very comfortable so they don't really mind acting childish around each other. Sarah is very undertstanding and never forces anyone against their will so instead of trying harder to make him open up, minabuti nalang nyang wag makialam. At least she tried.

Sarah: Well, I think what we need right now is some ice cream and a movie to watch. Game ka ba?

Richard: Hey, it's your house. Do what you want sis. I'm just crashing in.

Sarah planted her hands on her hips as she stares down at her brother.

Sarah: Kuya, don't give me that. I am trying to cheer you up, dummy!

Richard: Hmmm... *looks at her with pursed lips* Do you have any liquor?

Sarah: *she rolls her eyes and smiles* I figured you would say that. Lucky for you I never threw your left overs.

Richard: *exhales in relief as he turned his attention to the ceiling* Great! You're the best! *smiles and looks at her again*

Sarah: Whatever kuya.

She says as she turned around to get the stuff.


At home

I'm doing my laundry when Rocel came up to me. She stares at me for a while. Hindi ko alam kung anong nasa isip nya at bakit sya nakatingin sakin na para bang may itinago ako sa kanya. She approached me and started talking.

Rocel: Akhi alam mo, kung naging honest ka sakin nung una palang, hindi naman ako magagalit. I mean, We've been friends for years now and we're very close. We pretty much have only each other sa lahat ng naging laban natin sa buhay lately. Well I mean aside from Cherry syempre tayong dalawa lang ang laging magkasama dito sa bahay.

Akhi: *facing her* Ha? bakit? What are you talking about Ross?

Rocel: Richard told me that he likes you and that you've been trying to hide that from me just because you know that I like him.

I felt guilty. I should've been honest. I should've trusted on the bonds of our friendship. I approached her and held her hand.

Akhi: Ross I'm sorry. I panicked. I didn't want to ruin things for you especially seeing that you're moving on from Harold. I thought Richard was the perfect guy to distract you. But now I know it was a big mistake. Tsaka that time I didn't know for sure that he likes me. I mean he kept teasing me but I didn't know it was gonna get real.

Rocel: Relax bakla, I am not mad. Disappointed maybe because gaya ng sabi mo, he's a perfect distraction. But you know, this had made me realize something.

Akhi: Ano naman yun?

Rocel: That I still love that king kong.

Akhi: Ross, you know Harold is with someone else now. It's not gonna be healthy for you.

Rocel: But that doesn't mean I can't keep loving him. Don't worry besh. *strikes her palm on my forehead*

Akhi: Ouch!

Rocel: *Squeezes my cheeks* I am not gonna go hysterical and ruin someone's wedding because of my emotions.

She was mocking me.

Akhi: Aray! Are you still gonna remind me of that? When are you gonna drop it?

Rocel: Not a chance. Besides, kung magiging kayo ni Richard who happened to be the groom that day it would be a nice story to tell. Your seemingly hollywood movie love story.

She clutches on her chest as she feigns smitten over the thought of it. I laughed at her as she was doing that. We jumped when Miko suddenly clears his throat. He clearly heard what Rocel said just now.

Rocel: Nagulat naman ako sa'yo Miko.

Miko: Um... Can I talk to Akhi for a second?

Rocel and I looked at each other then I turned my attention back to him.

Akhi: Ah, bakit?

Miko: Ahhh... may kailangan kase akong sabihin sa'yo.

Rocel: *Her eyes narrows as she looks at Miko* Bakit kelangang dalawa lang kayo?

Miko looks like he's struggling to think of an answer.

Miko: Um... It's sensitive. Something only Akhi and me would understand.

Rocel: Ooookaaaay. *skeptic* fine.

I followed Miko to the room.

Akhi: Ano yun Miko?

He bites his lower lip as he stares at me like he's holding back a question.

Akhi: Ui, Ano? Naglalaba ako. kung wala ka naman palang sasabihin eh lalabas na ako.

Just when I was about to walk away, he spoke.

Miko: Do you like him?

I stopped surprised by that question as I look back at him. Hindi ko sya masagot agad. I was just standing there just staring. He repeats his question.

Miko: Do you like that guy?

Nag isip muna akong mabuti bago ko sya sagutin. I weighed in my feelings. At sa totoo lang, naglalaban yung nararamdaman ko para kay Miko at para kay Richard.

Akhi: I... I don't know for sure.

Miko: Are you worried about me?

Again, nagulat nanaman ako sa tanong nya.

Akhi: Why would I be?

Miko: *sigh* If you truly like him, don't hold back for me. I have no right to stop or deprive you and I most certainly won't judge you or make remarks like the last time.

Nakakalungkot marinig galing sa kanya ang mga bagay na yun. But I smiled and replied anyway.

Akhi: Okay Miko. I'll keep that in mind.

Then I walked towards the door but before I could leave the room he said a very unexpected thing.

Miko: But I won't lose to him.

I started to feel my cheeks heating. Totoo ba ang narinig ko?

Miko: I like you Akhi, and I promise to do whatever I can to win you over.

I think to myself "Goooosh! Is this true? Or my ears are just deceiving me?" Hindi ako makapaniwala. I don't know what to do. So as stupid as it sounds I ran away as fast as I could papalabas sa kusina. My heart is beating so fast. He said he's gonna win me over. I was thinking "bakit ko pa sya pahihirapan kung alam ko namang gusto ko rin sya?" But then my mind went back to Richard then the thought him makes my heart hurt a little. Perhaps I did develop some feelings for him. Then I got confused. Pano kung yung feelings ko kay Miko is only because he's identical to Gab in so many ways? Kaya naman I can't just give in that easily. Before I can get into a relationship I've gotta be sure about my own feelings. So if I ever turn down one of them it wouldn't feel so shitty and it's gonna be worth it.


Sarah's place

While the siblings are watching, Richard's phone rings. He went outside then answered.

Richard: Hello?

I waited for a while bago magsalita.

Akhi: Hi Richard.

He immediately recognizes my voice.

Richard: Akhi?

Akhi: Richard, a-are you still upset?

He paused for a moment before answering.

Richard: Well I can't lie. I am still upset. But to myself.

Akhi: Bakit naman?

Richard: *chuckles humorlessly* I-I'm upset because I have these feelings for you na hindi naman dapat and I am upset because I am forcing myself to you. I am such a f*cking idiot. I should know better than to force someone into something they don't like.

Akhi: I see.

mahabang katahimikan.

Richard: Anyway, bakit napatawag ka? Is there something wrong at DCC?

Akhi: No it's not that. Cherry is handling things over there.

Richard: Then what is it, Akhi?

Akhi: *sigh* I just wanted to hear your voice.

Yes, what I said is true. I wanted to hear his voice to confirm that I have feelings for him and sh*t, I do. Hearing that remark from me, Nabuhayan ng loob si Richard.

Richard: umm... Akhi I'm sorry about the last time. I hope we can start over. But this time, liligawan kita ng maayos.

And there it is again. Someone willing to do whatever it takes to have my heart. I am soooo conflicted. My heart flutters hearing that from him. Hindi ako makasagot.

Richard: Uh... Hello? Andyan ka pa ba Akhi?

Not knowing how to answer I abruptly said goodnight and hung up.

Richard speaks to himself.

Richard: Well I guess there's no use questioning myself and my sexuality.

he laughed by himself thinking that he is now categorized to be "pansexual". Something he discovered about himself.

Richard: I have no idea how these things work but I am going to take a leap of faith.

He went back inside.

Sarah: Who was that?

Richard: *Looks at her with a smile* Someone that matters.

Sarah: Hmmm... kanina lang malungkot ka but now you look so happy.

Richard: Yup and speaking of happy I've gotta say goodnight sis because I'm going to go somewhere early tomorrow.

He kissed her forehead then headed for the guest room. Sarah was left alone pouting.

Sarah: Anu ba yan. Hindi pa nga tapos yung movie. *Then she smiles* Anyway, I'm glad to see that he's okay and he's in high spirits so I guess I'll just finish this movie on my own.


kinabukasan at DCC

it was about 11 am nung ipinatawag ni Cherry si Victor at Dianne sa office.

Cherry: I figured it out, what you guys are up to. Now the question is, are you going to confess, or should I fire you immediately?

nagkatinginan si Dianne at Victor.

Victor: Confess what?

Cherry: You think it's not obvious na magkasabwat kayong tatlo ni Lorraine? Fine then, you don't wanna keep your jobs then it's up to you.

Then it's as if Dianne became a whole new different person. She spoke to cherry with a smug look on her face.

Dianne: You think we like working here?

Then Victor follows.

Victor: Okay you found us out. Fire away. We really don't care.

Cherry slammed both her fists on the office table then stood up.

Cherry: You've got some nerves talking to me like th-

Victor raises his hand to shush her.

Victor: Save it! We did what we were supposed to accomplish here. We actually wanted to resign today naunahan mo lang kami.

Dianne: *crosses her arms* Oh please, If we didn't owe the bitch Lorraine, we wouldn't go under cover and waste our time doing her bidding.

Cherry was already furious from all this talk.

Get out!

Dianne: Oh no need to hurry. We will.

They both swiftly walked out of the office and out of the building.

Cherry: Ang kakapal ng mga mukha! I knew Lorraine was behind all of this!

outside of DCC not far enough Dianne and Victor was met by Lorraine.

Lorraine: You scums! All of a sudden na dissolve yung investment ko sa project nyo. Explain this!

Victor: What are you talking about Lorraine? Wala kaming natatanggap mula sa'yo.

It turns out, mga professional na mangloloko ang mga frenemy na ito ni Lorraine.

Dianne: Friend, what's gotten into you?

Lorraine: I'm gonna sue both of you!

Dianne smirked at her.

Dianne: Oh you could... But then, imagine how everyone is going to react to all your secret dealings that Oh! We happened to know.

then Victor approaches Dianne and puts one arm on her shoulder as they lean side by side like a villainous duo.

Lorraine: Oh so you really wanna try me? *crosses her arms*

Victor moved towards Lorraine with his annoying aura and puts an arm over her shoulders.

Victor: You know Lorraine, we can do this the hard way but we can also do this the easy way.

Lorraine: Get your filthy hands of me!

he backs away and raises his arms in surrender.

Dianne: Dear, We're offering you something better. We'll help you get your revenge with Akhi and Richard.

Victor: But in exchange, you're gonna forget about that investment you're talking about.

Dianne: Think of it as... *smirks* payment for all our hard work in the future.

Lorraine looks defeated.

Lorraine: You better deliver or else you will find out how bad you'll make an enemy out of me.

Victor: Don't worry Lorraine. We're good at what we're doing.

Dianne: *chuckles* Aren't we darling? *looks at Victor*.


At home

Miko thought to himself if he was going to pursue winning my heart, then he better come clean to Cindy. And this was the most unexpected thing that happened. Pinuntahan nya si Cindy sa kwarto. She was alone because Rocel was off to her gig. He opened the door and saw Cindy doing her homework.

Miko: Sis, can we talk?

Cindy looked so annoyed as she answered.

Cindy: Hindi ka ba marunong kumatok??

Miko: Please. I am ready to tell you everything.

Napabalikwas si Cindy. She wasn't expecting that. But this is what she actually wanted. The truth so lumapit sya kay Miko.

Cindy: You promise to be honest this time? *arms crossed*

Miko: I do, but we can't talk here. Let's go out.

Miko brought Cindy to the park. Gabing gabi na at wala na masyadong tao.

Cindy: Well, on with it! Tell me everything.

They were standing there facing each other. Miko is still trying to gather the courage to tell the whole truth.

Cindy: Ano? Tatayo nalang ba tayo dito?

He then looks straight into Cindy's eyes, determined and ready to face whatever reaction he's gonna get.

Miko: You are right Cindy.

Cindy: Right about what?

Miko: I'm not your brother. Ako si Gab.


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Mencircle: Confused in Love Five (Part 4)
Confused in Love Five (Part 4)
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