Confused in Love Five (Part 6)

Your Biggest Ally By: Akhi Akhi: I've got someone in mind that might be behind this! I was so furious about the package I receiv...

Your Biggest Ally

By: Akhi

Akhi: I've got someone in mind that might be behind this!

I was so furious about the package I received this morning. Someone sent me a box of black roses that smelled like rotten corpse.

Cherry: Parang alam ko yang nasa isip mo beshy.

Akhi: She is relentless! She just don't know when to quit!

Nasa living room kami ni Cherry, Lyssa, Celine and Rocel.

Lyssa: Wag magpapakita sakin yung babaeng yun!

Celine: Uupakan talaga namin sya!

Rocel examined the package further. Bakit nga ba nangangamoy? When she removed the roses from the box she found a dead rat inside. She immediately dropped the package feeling so disgusted.

Rocel: Eeeaggh!!! Kadiri! Harold!

Dali daling lumapit si Harold.

Harold: Bakit?

Rocel: Put this gut-churning thing away!

Harold: *inhales* Hmmf! *lets out a sharp exhale* Ang baho naman nyan! San ba galing yan?

He took the box and threw it in the trash bin outside.

Cherry: Sinusubukan talaga tayo ng babaeng yan.

Lyssa: San ba sya nakatira? Sugurin natin!

Rocel: Lyssa, hindi ganun kadali yun. Wala tayong ebidensya.

Celine: Girl, I think we can all agree that isang tao lang ang may motibo ng ganito.

Cherry: Ano ba kaseng gusto nyang patunayan?

Akhi: Yeah I wonder. I mean, I know I caused her humiliation in front of all those people on her wedding but...

Rocel: Well Akhi that may have been too much for her to take.

Akhi: I know! Pero buti sana kung mahal nya si Richard. Eh hindi nga eh! She treated him like trash when they were together and he just put up with it kase ang may gusto na ikasal sila ay ang mga magulang nila.

Cherry: Gusto mo bang humingi na ako ng help kay Mr. Dawan?

Akhi: No beshy. This is my battle.

Lyssa: Hell no! Kasama kami dito!

Akhi: Guys, don't get too involved in this. Okay na yung ako lang ang kaaway nya. We don't really know her at ayokong madamay kayo.

Celine: Eto lang masasabi ko ha, hindi ko sya pakikialaman hangga't wala sya sa paningin ko pero pasensyahan nalang pag nakita ko kahit anino lang nya.

Rocel: So she totally managed to ruin our morning huh? We're supposed to be heading to the resort para sa birthday ni Gideon.

Akhi: You know what guys? Let's just forget about this for a while. Hangga't ganito lang ang ginagawa ni Lorraine sakin she's not really considered as much of a threat.

Cherry: Don't say that beshy. Nagawa nga nyang manggamit ng ibang tao to infiltrate our business to try na sirain ang reputation ng cafe. Who knows what she'll do next?

Akhi: I'll be prepared by then.

Then lumabas na ng kwarto si Gideon carrying a backpack and Miko and Cindy followed behind him.

Gideon: Guys! Ready na ba kayo!

He greeted us with much excitement. Pero nakita nyang nakasimangot kaming lahat.

Gideon: Hey, what's wrong?

Lumapit si Celine sa boyfriend nya.

Celine: Wala Teddy bear *squeezed his cheek* may pinag usapan lang kami. Anyway you have to enjoy this day. Birthday mo diba?

They were awfully sweet to each other. Miko looked at me with concern then lumapit sya sakin.

Miko: Are you okay?

I don't know but when this guy is near me, I swear my mood changes instantly. He makes me feel a comforting warmth inside whenever I see him concerned about me.

Akhi: I-I'm fine Miko.

I smiled, bashfully. I couldn't even maintain an eye contact. As if on cue, Richard's car pulled over in front of our house. He went out of it looking so gorgeous na may hawak hawak na bouquet of roses. Lumapit sya and saw all of us. Wala syang Idea that we are going to a resort to celebrate Gideon's birthday.

Richard: Hi Che, Hi Ross, Hi Akhi and everyone. Are you guys going somewhere?

Well first of all, Richard hasn't really been a part of our circle of friends kaya hindi sya na invite sa getaway namin today.

Cherry: Ah we're going to celebrate our friend's birthday.

Richard was thinking "Sh*t! This is a bad timing. I didn't know. Nagbihis pa ako and I was going to invite Akhi for a date but I guess today's not a good day". Seeing Richard like that, Miko walked away with pursed lips and into the fridge as if to get something to drink. Syempre nahalata ko yun pero wala naman akong magagawa kung nagseselos sya. Lumapit ako kay Richard.

Akhi: Hey... Umm... What brings you here?

He just smiled half heartedly looking at the bouquet on his hands then offered them to me.

Richard: I-Uh... This is for you.

I was flushed.

Akhi: Uhh... Thank you.

Lyssa and Celine walked over to me and nudged me on the shoulder.

Celine: Ang haba parin talaga ng hair mo friend.

Lyssa: Pakilala mo kami sa manliligaw mo day.

Cherry and Rocel were murmuring behind us.

Rocel: Ugh! I've had enough of roses today!

Cherry: I know what you feel. Di parin nawawala sa memorya ko yung amoy nung box kanina.

I briefly introduced the rest of the gang to Richard but when it was time to introduce Miko, I was reluctant. I am not sure how it was going to play out.

Akhi: Ahem... um... Miko this is Richard, and Richard this is Miko.

Richard made the first move and approached him to offer his hand.

Richard: Nice to meet you pare.

Miko took it with a neutral expression.

Miko: Same!

They shook hands with a firm grip and was being a sport about it... surprisingly. Deep inside I was relieved. At least they were mature enough to stay calm knowing na magkaribal silang dalawa. Then what happened next was the last thing I can think of. Gideon asked if Richard wanted to come along.

Gideon: Okay lang yun bro since we're acquainted and most of my friends know you, I think you should come too.

Richard: Uuhh... *looks at me with uncertainty* I-if okay lang kay Akhi then yes.

So why does it have to be me? I didn't want things to be about me today dahil birthday ito ni Gideon. It's his call. So I just said.

Akhi: Hey it's okay! Gideon invited you. It's not up to me kung sasama ka o hindi.

Gideon: Well it's settled then! Let's go guys! Excited na akong mag celebrate diba Barbie doll? *looks at Celine*

Celine: Yes teddy bear! *kisses him on the cheek*

Then we all went on our way to the resort.


We all settled in our rooms and changed into our swimming outfits and gathered back outside near the pool. It was a huge resort na may hotel rooms and just beside the ocean.

Harold, Cindy and Miko is grilling the meat we brought with us while the girls enjoyed the sun, the pool and the sea. Si Gideon naman ay may ka videocall sa phone and I guess that was his family greeting him. I forgot to mention why the others couldn't come. Mackhoy was out of town and I guess Aaron is with him. Si Grace naman busy talaga at may deadline na hinahabol. Audrey promised to follow as soon as she's done with matters in school sa dalawa nyang kapatid and Andrew was also out of town with his sister.

Naglalakad lakad lang ako sa tabi ng mga rooms at di ko namalayan that there was a pot of plant that fell from the second floor and was about to hit me in the head.

Richard: Akhi look out!

Without a warning, he rushed to me and swiftly pulled me into his arms as we fell to the ground.

Richard: That was close!

Ang bilis ng tibok ng puso ko sa sobrang takot. Pano nalang kung hindi nakita ni Richard yun? Mahigpit ang pagkakayakap nya sakin and it strangely felt good. Everyone rushed to check on us.

Cherry: Beshy! Ayos lang ba kayo?

They crowded over us then Miko pierced through them to reach me. Nang makita nyang nakayakap si Richard sakin, he pulled me from him at niyakap ako. I know he did it dahil nag alala sya and not because I was in Richard's arms.

Miko: Ayos ka lang ba? Wala bang masakit sa'yo?

Akhi: Ayos lang ako Ga.. I mean Miko, thanks for your concern.

Everyone was relieved to hear that and they all told me to be careful next time. Bumalik na sila sa kani kanyang gawain. Richard sat up and shook his head while he was looking at us.

Richard: Yeah he's doing fine. I'm so glad that my attention was always on him.

He stood up and stared at us.

Miko: Thanks pare.

Richard Looked away, scratched his head and pursed his lips seeing that his not gonna be able to snatch me away from Miko right now.

Richard: Whatever dude.

He was about to walk away then I realized I haven't even thanked him yet for saving me.

Akhi: Richard! Thank you nga pala.

He paused to answer.

Richard: Anything for you babe.

Then he left. Tumayo na kami ni Miko and joined the others. Di namin lahat namalayan na andito na pala si Audrey. She saw everything that happened. In fact, before it happened. Nakita nyang may babae sa second floor na nagtulak sa paso just in time na naglalakad ako.

Audrey: It seems like Akhi made some new enemies.

Instead of joining us, she decided to stay unannounced and investigate.


Audrey climbed the stairs going to the second floor kung san nya nakita yung babae. She waited for awhile kung may lalabas sa mga rooms.

Audrey: Come on you filthy rat. Lumabas ka sa lungga mo.

She whispered to herself.

Maya maya pa, merong lumabas na babae and she was talking over the phone. Napatingin sya kay Audrey so Audrey pretended to be busy typing on her phone. Nung wala na sa kanya ang attention ng babae, she followed her discreetly. Nakita nya na may kausap na lalaki yung babae sa baba near the lobby.

Audrey: Mukhang may kasabwat. Hindi kayo magtatagumpay kung ano man binabalak nyo.


Lorraine talks over the phone

Lorraine: Sayang. I thought I'd be hearing from everyone tomorrow na he's in the hospital. But anyway, we've just started. Keep doing what you're doing and keep me updated.

Dianne: Sure Lorraine. They'll never even know what's coming their way.

She hung up.

Lorraine: You got lucky Akhi. But this is just the beginning. hahaha *evil laugh* As soon as they're done with Akhi, I am gonna get those two arrested. Frame them for all of this and make them take the blame. Hahaha


It was night time and everyone had a great time celebrating Gideon's birthday. Hanggang bukas pa kami ng tanghali dito sa resort. Bukod sa showers inside our private rooms, meron ding public showers. Naisipan kong doon magbanlaw since ang kasama ko sa kwarto ay si Cherry at napakatagal nyang maligo. I went inside at pumasok sa isang cubicle when the lights suddenly turned off. It was completely dark. I reached for the exit pero naka lock iyon. The floor was wet and so was I.

Victor: Hihihi Who's gonna save you now?

May hawak syang wire that was directly connected to the power outlet. He intended to drop it on the floor near the shower so I'd get electrecuted but before he could do that, someone hit his hand with a rock at nabitawan nya ito. Then from behind Audrey held a knife against his throat.

Audrey: If I were you I'd think twice. Who sent you?!

Victor couldn't move. The tip of the knife was already piercing the flesh on his neck.

Victor: Sino ka ba?

Audrey: Answer my question!

Victor: Okay okay! F*ck!

His neck started to bleed. Before he could answer her question dumating si Dianne and hit Audrey in the back with a log.

Dianne: Get away from him you b*tch!

Audrey stumbled to the ground and feeling the pain on her back as the two of them ran and escaped.

Audrey: T*ngina! Masakit! Hindi pa tayo tapos!

She yelled at them then she hurriedly opened the door para makalabas ako.

Akhi: Audrey! You're here? What happened?

Audrey: Akhi, I was here kanina pa. Someone is plotting against you. Yung nangyari sa'yo kaninang hapon, that was no accident.

Akhi: Ha? Oh my gosh!

She filled me in on everything that happened behind the scenes.

Audrey: I decided to investigate at hindi nalang sumali sa inyo because clearly those two wanted you hurt, or dead.

Hearing that from Audrey made me realize that my biggest enemy before had become my biggest ally today.

Akhi: Audrey...

I hugged her tight.

Akhi: Thank you so much!

Audrey: Don't thank me just yet. I doubt this will be the last. Be careful Akhi.

I felt terrified thinking of what might have happened if Audrey didn't come around. We all decided to regroup and we told everyone what just happened.


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Mencircle: Confused in Love Five (Part 6)
Confused in Love Five (Part 6)
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