Drip (Part 1)

By: Shane Hi, I'm Shane. Shane Clark. I'm 23 now but I'm going to tell you a story back when I was 16. This is my first time...

By: Shane

Hi, I'm Shane. Shane Clark. I'm 23 now but I'm going to tell you a story back when I was 16. This is my first time writing anything so bare with me. Take a seat and grab a snack because this is gonna be a loooong story. No kidding.

Well, kung napapansin nyo panay english ako it's because it's my first language. Pinanganak ako sa America and we only moved to Philippines before college. My dad is Filipino-American and my mother is Japanese-American so I don't look like your typical Caucasian American. At 16, I already stand at 5'8. I can say that I'm easy on the eyes of both men and women. If you asked me my best feature I'd say it's my eyes. It's grey when it hits the sun but normally its dark grey. Namana ko kay dad and it's also a little squinty but not so much because I'm also part asian from my mom. I'm also well built because I've been on the swim team since grade school not until we moved here. At first I was hesitant to move here pero di ko naman alam na permanent na pala kami dito sa Pilipinas. Nong una akala ko bakasyon lang. Yun pala, dad's company was bankrupt so bad so with every money that was left he decided to bring me, my mom and my little sister Annya here in the Philippines. At first it was hard but we have so many relatives here that helped us and mom and dad got a stable job and I can say we're living pretty good in no time. Well, enough of my background story.

It was the month of April when we arrived in the Philippines and it was a good time dahil summer and most of the kids my age are on summer break from school. The first friend I made was my cousin Nick. Nick was my age and he's also going to college after summer.

Nick was one of the reasons I got over and actually enjoyed moving here. He used to take me to the beach, climb mountains and skinny dipping on the lake with his friends. And he's also a good tagalog teacher. He practically taught me how to speak tagalog fluently because even though dad's half filipino, he only knows a little. So one night, Nick asked my parent's permission na doon ako matutulog sa kanila. Syempre pumayag sila, di naman kasi sila strict like other parents and they're even the one who pushes me to go out and have fun. Nick owns a motorcycle so we drove all the way to his house except we already passed his house and he's still driving.

“Uhm, where are we going dude?” I asked him.

“Relax! It's one of my friend's birthday and we're gonna celebrate it by the lake!” Sagot nya. I was mesmerized when we arrived at the lake, it was beautiful! And it's even perfect during sunset. "Welcome to Jacinto's lake!" Say's a shirtless guy holding out cans of beers to us which we gladly took. Well the guy is pretty cute. His eyes are brown, matangos ang ilong nya, at medyo messy ang buhok nya. He's got that surfer look on him. I'd say we're on the same hight. And he's rockin that shirtless look with those 6 packs.

“Nick! Dumating ka! Ito na ba yong pinsan mong amboy? Ang pogi ha.” The guy to my cousin. At that time I really don't understand a word he said except for the

“Pogi” part because Nick already taught me that so that made me think if this guy wants to hit on me or he's just being sarcastic.

“O nga pala. This is TJ. TJ pinsan ko si Shane.” So I shook his hand pero ang tagal bago nya binitiwan ang kamay ko. It was kind of awkward because Nick was standing there, though he knows I'm into both genders. TJ then gestures us to the table where their other friends are waiting. They have a little cabin by the lake. So one of the guys came from the cabin and was holding a cake and started singing happy birthday. I forgot that we're celebrating a birthday and I felt bad not greeting the celebrant. Not to interrupt the song, I just waited for it to

finish so that I'll know who's birthday it is. And it was TJ's birthday. Crap!

“Happy Birthday Troy Joaquin Jacinto" I read on the cake. Jacinto. Damn! Does he own this lake?

“Wish! Wish” Nick shouts followed by everyone. So TJ closed his eyes to make a wish and just before he blew the candle off, he winked at me! I don't know how to feel about that so I just decided not to greet him happy birthday. Medyo may tama na kami lahat kasi ilang box na ng beer ang naubos namin and I can feel that TJ is staring at me occasionally. He must've been more drunk than all of us because all of the sudden he jumps off the lake. At nong nasa lake na si TJ, may hinagis sya samin! It was his shorts! Everyone laughed and started getting naked and jumped off the lake too so I did the same. Damn this is cold! From there I can see everyone having fun. But I don't see Nick swimming. Turns out he stayed at the table making out with his girlfriend Zoey. So I just swam by myself. I can still see TJ staring at me occasionally and is now biting his lip. I don't know why but that turns me on or he just turns me on so bad I got hard on! Oo tinigasan ako in front of many people. Buti nasa tubig kami! Then some of them decided to get off the lake and head home. I stayed a little longer because of the hard on. Suddenly I felt something grab my leg and then TJ came out of the water. I was scared shitless!

“Hi” he said.

“You scared me man!” I said to him. I'm so glad we're on water and it's dark, otherwise he would have seen my raging prick.

“So do I look scary to you”. Tanong nya making a cute face. Damn he is really cute! I didn't realize that I did not answer and I was just staring at him. I only noticed that he came closer to me.

“Sooo.” He said in a really deep voice.

“Sooo?” I answered back.

“Di mo ba ko babatiin?” Sabi nya which di ko naintindihan pero narealize nya yun and he translated it.

“Happy Birthday Troy Joaquin Jacinto!” I greeted him sarcastically. He burst into laughter and I joined him.

“You didn't have to say my whole name you know.”

“I know, I just said what was written on your cake!” So we decided to stay in the lake a little more and talk. So I found out that his family really owns the lake, they're filthy rich and his uncle's the mayor of our town. He told me he wants to follow his tito's footsteps so he's studying law. He's a year older than me and Nick so by the time school starts, he'll be in his second year. He's studying in one of the best schools in Manila and that's where Nick and I plan's to study for college.

“Enough about me! Tell me something about you. Do you have a girlfriend? Or a boyfriend maybe?” He prankly asked.

“Well, I had my share of hook-ups back in the US but there was nothing serious.” Habang nagsasalita ako nakikita ko si TJ na nakatitig sa mga mata ko at palapit sya ng palapit. Oh my. I think we're gonna kiss! Should I do it? We'll, I'm attracted to him so why the hell not?! TJ held my head and kissed me. Then he stopped and looked at me. His eyes are asking me if is this okay. I answered by kissing him back. This time harder. His hands was moving trying to get something under water then he broke the kiss and held out something in front of me and throws it away. Only to realize it was his underwear! We continued kissing and now I can feel his manhood rubbing against my thighs. The lake was cold but we do sure felt hot together. We didn't realize how long we were in the water that we didn't notice everyone was gone already.

Shit! Nick! We get off the water quickly and get dressed. I opened my phone and found a text

from Nick.

“Sorry Shane! I have to take Zoey home! And she wont let me leave! Think I'm gonna get some tonight! Just sleep in the cabin with my friends! They're harmless. I'll pick you up first thing in the morning!”

“What happened to Nick?” I held out my phone to him so he could read it himself.

“Guess you're gonna have to sleep with me tonight!” He said in a very sexy tone then bites his lips. I just smirked at him. I know this is going to be a fun night.

Not wasting any time, he pinned me to wall and shoved his tongue on my throat. Now we are kissing more thoroughly and deeply. Our tongues fighting against each other and he started biting my lips gently. Ang sarap. This is not my first time with a guy but I've always been a top before but I really want to try bottoming. Maybe this is the perfect time. Regalo ko nalang din sa kanya since it's his birthday. Now he's moving down my neck and kissing down to my shoulders. His every kiss on my body is euphoric. Parang nasa langit ako. Or lasing lang talaga ako. Then he finds my nipple and started sucking on it.

“Fuck! Joaquin!” I shouted at him. He then stops to stare at me.

“I like it when you call me like that. Its so sexy!” He said and continue to suck on my other nipple then leak it. Now his going down on my stomach. Kissing it slowly and gently. The he started to pull down my shorts. I forgot to put back my underwear when we got off the water so my fully erected dick sprung out immediately. He hold and stare at the whole 8 inch of it then started stroking it. Men that feels so good! He continues stroking my dick back and forth. His hand felt so good wrapped around my cock.

“Joaqjin please!” I moaned.

“Please what?” He teased.

“Just put it in your mouth!” Then he started taking my dick. He puts the head first inside his mouth, swirling his tongue around it. I moaned hard sa sobrang sarap. He then take the half of my dick. I started to thrust against him but then he chokes a little.

“Oops. sorry!” I said. But he ignores me and started sucking my dick harder and taking it an inch deeper until he took all of it in his mouth. He stayed there for a moment then he runs out of air and took it outside his mouth to catch his breath. Then he started sucking on my balls. Parang tigang at uhaw na uhaw si TJ at that time but don't care because I'm enjoying it too. Few moments later he stood up and and kissed my some more.

“Lets take this inside.” He whispers on my left ear. He took my hand and lead me to the bedroom. He pushed me on the bedroom and while I was lying there, he started taking off his shorts slowly. He really is hot! Damn I wanna eat him! And he has a huge package too! I think it's the same length as mine bus he's thicker! I pulled him on top of me and started kissing him. His dick is rubbing against mine and I want to have a taste of that so bad! I turned him around and now I'm on top of him. I kissed him on the nick brushing down his chest, to his abs and down where I wanted him. His pubes were trimmed and I liked it like that. First I hold his dick in front of my mouth and started licking on the head. He trembles to that sensation. I put half of his dick in my mouth and started bobbing up and down. I'm trying but I couldn't get all of it in my mouth. He then grabs my head and started to fuck my mouth. I really don't like it when someone does that to me but this time it felt great. Then he started pulling me off his dick and back to kissing him.

“I wanna fuck you Shane! If you'd let me.” he said in a very low and sexy voice.

“I'm yours for the night. Just be gentle, okay?” He smirks and turns me over to face the bed. He started kissing on the back of my neck slowly down to my back and he finally reached my ass. He bit the cheeks and slaps it gently. The feeling is so overwhelming. Then he spreads my cheeks and started shoving his tongue on my hole! I just moaned of how good it felt. He started to insert one finger on it. Men I want this so bad. Then he puts in another until there were three fingers inside me. He continues to finger my hole until I'm loosen up and ready for his huge dick. When he feels that I'm loosen up, he pulled out his fingers and started to tongue on my hole again. Now he's trying get his tongue inside me! I'm going crazy over this sensation!

“Joaquin, FUCK ME! Please!” I yelled at him. So he spits on my hole and on his dick to lube it and positions his dick in front of my hole. I forgot! Condoms!

“You got condoms?” I asked him.

He answered no. He forgot either but assures me that he's clean. And I'm clean too. I know it's unsafe but we're both so horny at that time. He started to push the head of his dick into my hole and stops for a moment. Masakit at first but then he stopped right there so I could adjust to the pain. He started going slow, sliding in and out of me. The pleasure is so intoxicating. And when he felt that I was well adjusted he started pushing harder and harder until he was slamming against my ass. The feeling was a mixture of pain and pleasure. But mostly pleasure. His dick felt so good and hot inside my hole. We were at that position for a while until he was tired and laid to his back on the bed. He then asked me to sit on his dick which I gladly did. I position myself on top of him, his dick pointed on my hole. Slowly I pushed down until he was inside me once again. I bounced on him up and down and from up there, I can see the pleasure on his face and the sweat all over his body which made him glistened making his body more beautiful. I kissed him while he continues to fuck me faster now. He was moaning so loud I can feel that he was close. I started to jack off so I could finish with him. I can feel it now. I think I'm about to cum.

“I'm gonna come!” I shouted. And I started spilling my cum all over his body. First was on his neck, then his chest and on his stomach. I've never cummed so hard before! He then scooped some of my cum using his finger and tasted it. He pulled me to his mouth so we could share my cum. He pounds on my hole once again faster and faster until he yells my name.

“Shane!” As he explodes his load inside of me. I can feel the heat of his cum deep in me and boy that feels so good and warm! We laid there for a while. Me on top of him. His dick semi hard still inside of me until it softens and finds its way out of my hole. Then the cum started dripping out of it. We were too tired to clean ourselves up. I think I fell asleep on his chest. That was one of the best nights I had with Joaquin during the summer. And it was my first time bottoming!

Grabe ang sarap!

Hope you enjoyed! Please do write a feedback on the comments


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Mencircle: Drip (Part 1)
Drip (Part 1)
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